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August 4 - 5, 2023

Monday Merch Meeting: Toy Story, PopSocket, Nightmare Before Christmas, & More!

Howdy, (Distant) Neighbor(s)! I hope the early hours of this week are being kind to you so far. Thanks for joining me in this virtual boardroom of Disney dedication as we run through the newest offerings in Disney merch. There isn’t a whole lot on the agenda for today, but what we do have to show you is pretty cool.

More Rainbow Collection

Disney is keeping my promise that there would be more merch released in this year’s Rainbow Collection. Check out the Star Wars and PIXAR crossovers below, as well as a fun ornament.

Jack Skellington & The Nightmare Before Christmas Homewares & Picnic

Are you looking for something out of the box for Father’s Day this year? Why not set up a picnic with a brand new Cooler Bag, Tote or Glassware set to mark the occasion? It’s a gift and an activity all in one. Fill that cooler up with his favorite picnic foods and celebrate Dad. Gift wrap the glassware and as he unwraps it, get ready to pour his beverage of choice.

Mickey Mouse Tropical Glass Bundle

I’m going to live vicariously through all of you heading into Summer on this one. Pour that Gin & Tonic into your Mickey Mouse Tropical Glass Bundle, $24.99 with a wedge of lime; simply add a poolside deck chair, and that’s my kind of perfection.

Cruella (Making Art) Funko Pop! Vinyl – Live-Action

Funko Pop! collectors, can now pick up the Cruella (Making Art) Funko Pop! Vinyl – Live-Action, $12.99. She’s the perfect evil genius to add to your lineup!

Mickey Mouse and Friends ”My First Visit” Ear Hat for Babies, Kids & Adults – Walt Disney World & Disneyland

What could be cuter than matching “My First Visit” Ear Hats? Nothing. Nothing is the correct answer! Imagine taking your first steps into the Disney Parks for the first time as a family? My heart is swelling just thinking about it. I really need someone to do this and send me a photo.

Loki Ear Headband

My son tells me that all this Loki business is a big deal, and I have learned the hard way not to argue with an 11-year-old boy about Marvel-related information. Adding to the lineup this week is the Loki Ear Headband, $29.99. Missing the previous releases? Check out last week’s meeting here.

Pizza Planet MagicBand 2 – Toy Story

The new Pizza Planet MagicBand 2 – Toy Story, $29.99, is an excellent option for those Toy Story fans that prefer a more subtle reference rather than flashing characters on their wrist. Only the cool people will get it. Okay, so in Dinsey Parks, that might be most people, but you can separate the masses using this theory in the outside world.

Matching Ties for Adults & Kids

If Dad is a tie guy, Disnify (yes, I just made that up) your next special occasion with matching adults and kids ties. A cute way to add a fun accessory that makes you both feel special together. After all, isn’t that what Father’s Day is all about; a celebration of that bond?

Orange Bird & Figment PopGrip by PopSockets – Walt Disney World

Now, I usually wouldn’t include something like this in the Merch Meeting; however, seeing as though some of you die-hard fans love anything Orange Bird and Figment, I thought I would be doing you a disservice by excluding them. The Orange Bird PopGrip by PopSockets – Walt Disney World, $14.99 & Figment Lenticular PopGrip by PopSockets, $14.99, are now available.

The Latest from Disney Springs

There are some really exciting new products available at Disney Springs in Walt Disney World, sadly, you will have to be on the ground to grab these, but you can have a look just for fun anyway. How badly do I want these bangles?

Clearly, this last one would be the perfect merch to sell in my Villains land last week!

That’s all I’ve got, everyone! I’m going to enjoy the last few hours before Sydney plunges into winter; to be honest, I will probably celebrate them by sleeping. Have a great week ahead, and I will see you all bright and early on Wednesday!

Meeting Adjourned!

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