Year of a Million Dreams - Disneyland

Shows and Attractions


Jedi Training Academy (Tomorrowland)

Prepare to face Darth Vader after you've mastered your skills under the tutelage of the Jedi Masters. These defenders of the Universe will choose young Padawans to learn the ways of the Force.

Disney Princess Fantasy Faire (Fantasyland)

Disneyland visitors of all ages are invited to join the Disney Princesses for this royal gathering at Fantasyland Theatre which has been transformed into "Disney Princess Fantasy Faire."

High School Musical 2 School's Out (California Adventure Park)

East Side High's Wildcats hit the stage to lead everyone in a spirit filled pep-rally. This fun event at California Adventure will have you cheering and dancing. The finale is the hit song 'We're All in This Together" from Disney Channel's High School Musical.

Tom Sawyer Island is a haven for Pirates. Among the enhancements is a "Dead Man's Grotto" in the island caverns, a "Pirate's Den" on the Castle Rock as well as Buccaneer touches made to Tom & Huck's Treehouse and Smuggler's Cove.

Visitors can go in search of buried treasure, but beware, there will be live pirates waiting to take your booty away.


Finding Nemo Submarine Voyage (TOMORROWLAND)


Disneyland Extends Operating Hours for Finding Nemo

The queues for this attraction have been extremely lengthy. In response to this, Disney is now allowing guests to join the queue line for this popular attraction until park closing. Those on line at that time can remain while the ride continues operating for an additional two and half hours after the park has closed.

The queue has also been enhanced with the distribution of the "Finding Nemo Submarine Voyage" activity guide. Inside is a list of "Hidden Nemos" and games.

Also featured in the park are Nemo themed snacks for purchase.



This latest attraction to the Disneyland Theme Park finds it's inspiration in Disney-Pixar's "Finding Nemo" movie. This 'E-ticket' attraction transports guests on an incredibly real underwater adventure. You'll see the adorable Nemo and his friends exactly as they appear in the blockbuster film. Using dazzling new technology and special effects developed Disney's Imagineers, these underwater superstars are seen in an underwater three dimensional setting. By the use of hydrophones, you listen as Marlin, Dory, Crush, Bruce and the rest of the Nemo cast go in pursuit of everyone's favorite clownfish.



Toy Story Mania

Toy Story Mania artist renderingIt's official, "Toy Story Mania" is the newest attraction coming to both Disney World and Disneyland.

Based on Pixar's Toy Story movies, this high tech ride will put guest in the midst of a classic midway game. After putting on your 3-D glasses, you'll "shrink" to toy size and careen your way through the midway.

Armed with your own toy cannon, you'll take aim at the targets at the game booths you encounter along the way. Cheering you on will be Woody, Buzz, Bo Peep, Hamm and the Green Army Men. Find a hidden target and you'll rack up even more points as you compete for the highest score.

What's a midway without a barker, and who better to play the part than Mr. Potato Head? In what's being billed as the next generation of audio animatronic's and "living character" program, Mr. Potato Head will be able to talk to you as you wait in line.

"Toy Story Mania" promises to be a different experience each time you climb aboard and set out on its unpredictable course and is designed to appeal to all ages.

"Toy Story Mania" will be opening in Disney's Hollywood Studios and at Disneyland's Paradise Pier.