World of Color Dessert Party Review

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World of Color is back at Disney California Adventure!

But what’s the best way to see this spectacular show?

I highly recommend to watch it in style with the World of Color Dessert Party!

The Dessert Party can be booked on the Disneyland website or by calling (714) 781-DINE. The cost is $79 for adults and children, which includes tax and gratuity. These reservations are available to book 60 days in advance. If you know what date you’d like to book, I’d highly recommend getting your reservation when they open — these do sell out.

Now let’s discuss the very best aspect of this dessert party: You get to sit down! That’s right ladies and gentlemen. This is the only way to have a guaranteed seat with an excellent view for the World of Color show. Not only do you get to sit and relax during this approximately 28-minute-long show, but you also get a great view. This last part is very important to me; being all of 5’2 myself, I usually have to line up an hour or more in advance for these Disneyland nighttime shows. Even then, I could always lose my good view if someone tall sneaks in front of me or if someone puts their kid on their shoulders.

Our reservation said that seating started at 9:15 pm. This was when the cast members began to seat people, but we showed up in line about 45 minutes before this. Everyone who has a reservation will get a table; however, those who show up first are usually able to request which table they want. There are two rows of tables set up in Paradise Garden Park. The second row are all high top tables, the front row has mostly high tops with about 4 low tops in the middle. As far as I know, the most desirable tables are the high tops in the front. If you are short and have a high top in the second row, your view might be impinged a little if there is another high top in front of you. We requested one of the last high tops in the front row and were happy with our selection.


The picture above shows the landscape directly in front of the dessert party tables. There is an open grassy area, then in front of that are the benches reserved for handicap seating.

Along with a great view and a seat, you also get to partake in a selection of sweet and savory dessert options. Along with the food, anyone over 21 can partake in wine or a mixed drink. Other drinks offered were water, pop and hot chocolate.


I’m going to be honest, I really didn’t enjoy most of the food. The desserts were just okay; nothing really stood out to me. Each table had a bread basket.


We all ordered the mixed drink and were able to get a second. It wasn’t the strongest drink in the world, but I enjoyed it.


I think the star of the food and beverage portion was the hot chocolate! It was amazing, and the night was a bit chilly so it really hit the spot. I also had two of those.

Let me tell you, spending the time before World of Color began relaxing at a table with food and drinks served was so much better than fighting for a spot among the crowds. Once the show began, not only did I have a great view but I also appreciated being able to sit. It’s a long show, and if you’ve had a long day or trip, sitting can be oh so nice.


All in all, I enjoyed this experience immensely. I don’t think it is something I would pay for every trip, but for a once-in-a-while treat it was well worth the money.



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