Disneyland to Add 455 Spaces to the Toy Story Parking Lot

The Disneyland Resort has received approval from the Anaheim Planning Commission to add 455 spaces to the Toy Story Lot, its offsite parking area.

In order to utilize the area, Disneyland will be required to build soundproof walls and landscaping to separate the lot from apartment complexes that border the lot. Disney will also need to add new lighting and ramps so buses or trams can reach the area.

The area in question is used as a stormwater detention basin and would continue to act as that during rainy days.

With Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge set to open in 2019 and more Marvel attractions on the horizon, the Disneyland Resort is struggling to find enough parking for guests.

Disneyland’s proposed Eastern Gateway project that was set to add 6,800 spaces in a parking structure behind businesses on Harbor Boulevard has stalled after local merchants complained that project would have a detrimental economic effect on the neighborhood. So, even the small number of spaces being added with this Toy Story Lot expansion are needed.

With the added spaces, the Toy Story Lot would increase a total of 5,378 spaces, while the Mickey & Friends Parking Structure on the other side of the resort holds an additional 10,000 vehicles.

No timeline was given for the expansion.

Source: Orange County Register