Federal lawsuits filed by laid-off Disney tech workers


Federal lawsuits have been filed by two of the tech workers laid off from the Walt Disney Co. a year ago. These lawsuits are directed at Disney and its two outsourcing firms (HCL Inc. and Cognizant Technologies), who replaced the tech employees by cheaper foreign workers who were in the States on H-1B visas.

Sara Blackwell is the attorney representing Leo Perrero and Dena Moore and is seeking class action status for these lawsuits. She says, “The lawsuit asserts that the companies violated federal law because the outsourcing firms said in applications for visas to fill Disney jobs that American jobs wouldn’t be affected.”

Complaints about the process have also been made to the Equal Opportunity Employment Commission, but those are still being reviewed.

There was no comment from Disney regarding the lawsuits, though they have said in the past that 120 of the 250 laid-off workers have been rehired into other roles.

The Orlando Sentinel says that Perrero was “recently featured in an ad by the Federation for American Immigration Reform, which opposes any increase in H-1B visas.”

News source: Orlando Sentinel

Photo credit: waymarking.com


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