FuelRod Settles Class-Action Lawsuit With New Founders Program

FuelRod, which offered guests “free unlimited” swaps on portable chargers, has resolved a class-action lawsuit brought about by their intent to begin charging for swaps. The terms of the agreement include the creation of a “Founders” status, which will allow existing customers to continue to receive free, unlimited swaps.

FuelRod portable charging kiosks are available at both Walt Disney World and the Disneyland Resort. For $30 guests receive a FuelRod that can be exchanged for a fully charged unit at any kiosk.

Last fall, FuelRod announced that they would begin charging $3 per swap, prompting the class-action lawsuit.

Customers who purchased their FuelRod charger prior to October 26, 2019 should fill out a questionnaire to receive Founders status and get free, unlimited swaps.

Customers will then need to download the FuelRod app on their smartphone, using the same email address as in the questionnaire. The app will generate a QR code that can be scanned at any kiosk, allowing Founders to receive their swap for free.

Source: FuelRod