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Meet the Voice Actors of Disney Pixar’s Upcoming ‘Incredibles 2’

Our friends over at Oh My Disney have shared the full cast lineup for the upcoming Incredibles 2 along with some new information on each of the characters.

Take a peek at the video below then read on for the ‘what we know’ about each character so far!

Helen Parr

In Incredibles 2, Helen has been tapped to lead a campaign that will bring the Supers back into the spotlight. A new villain that she will have to face will show up on the scene.

Bob Parr

Ever since Supers were outlawed in the first film, Bob has focused on raising his family with Helen Parr. “When Helen is called to change the public perception of Supers for the better in Incredibles 2, Bob manages the Parr household on his own and faces new challenges.”

Dash Parr

“Dash is a 10-year-old boy who seeks adventure and has an endless supply of energy. He is proud of his skills, and in Incredibles 2 we’ll see that he doesn’t understand why he has to keep his powers a secret.”

Violet Parr

“We know and love Violet as an introverted and intelligent teenager with some seriously amazing sarcasm skills. In Incredibles 2, she will begin to master her superpowers of invisibility and force fields. She is a Super at heart.”

Edna Mode

The all-time favorite character Edna Mode stays on the cutting-edge of technology and fashion. “In Incredibles 2, she longs for the return of Supers so that she can get back to making Supersuits (with no capes).”


Frozone is “Bob’s best friend and his superpower is making ice with the point of a finger. He wouldn’t think twice about breaking out his Supersuit if it could bring Supers out of hiding.”

Winston Deaver

“Winston leads a world-class telecommunications company alongside his genius sister, Evelyn. He is a huge supporter of Supers and wants them to return to the spotlight.”

Evelyn Deavor

“She is the brainchild behind Winston’s company, knows her way around tech, and has never met a problem she couldn’t solve.”

Rick Dicker

“He heads the official Super Relocation Program, helping the Parr family keep their identities secret. In Incredibles 2, Rick’s division is shuttered, and the Parrs are all on their own.”


The Ambassador “is an advocate for the Supers and committed to the support and legislation of Superheroes.”


Voyd “is a ‘wannabe’ Super and a mega-fan of Elastigirl. Her superpower is the ability to divert and manipulate objects around her by creating voids that allow the objects to appear and disappear.”

Incredibles 2 hits theaters on June 15, 2018!

Source: Oh My Disney

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