New FuelRod Kiosk Locations Added to Walt Disney World Resort Hotels

Last year, Disney added FuelRod kiosks to their property, allowing guests to charge their electronic devices on the go with a portable battery that can be swapped out for a new one as needed.  The charging system’s availability is now expanding, with 8 new kiosk locations just added to Walt Disney World Resort hotels.

The system will run you $30, and includes a fully charged battery and 3 charging cables (1 for most Android phones, 1 for Apple phones generation 4 and under, 1 for Apple phones generation 5 and up). Once the charge on the battery runs out, you have the option of recharging it yourself through your own USB port, or exchanging it for a new one at a kiosk.

The newest kiosk locations are:

Source: Orlando Theme Parks News