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5 Tips for Disney World Straight from the Mouths of Kids

Have you ever listened to a kid talk about his or her trip to Walt Disney World? It’s fun, and often, kids give better advice about the Disney experience than adults do. So here it is – five tips to make your Disney World trip better straight from the mouths of kids!


  1. “Drink a lot of water, because it is really hot!” – Connor, age 7. Connor is right. Disney World can be one of the most magical and one of the hottest places on earth! During the summer months, the average temperature for Orlando is about 91 degrees. In the winter, afternoon temperatures can still reach the mid-70s, and when you are doing a lot of walking, you can get hot quickly. Be sure to bring water bottles with you. Disney allows guests to bring water bottles into the parks. This is a huge cost saver over the more expensive water bottles sold throughout the parks and ensures that you have water to drink when you need it. On the Dining Plan? Did you know that you can choose a water bottle as a dessert item? It may not be as tasty but it will keep you hydrated!


  1. “Wear comfortable shoes.” – Addie, age 8 and Nathaniel, age 9. This advice is so good it was mentioned twice. Most people walk about 10 to 15 miles a day at Disney World. That’s a lot of walking! While the flip flops may be cooler or the sandals may be cuter, a good pair of tennis shoes could be the difference between a very pleasant day at the parks and a very uncomfortable day at the parks.


  1. “Do all the parks. They are all awesome!” – Chandler, age 12. Some people want to leave out a park when they are doing their Disney World planning. “I’m not a Star Wars fan, so I’m skipping Hollywood Studios.” “I have a zoo at home, so I’m not spending my time at Animal Kingdom.” “Our kids might be bored walking through the World Showcase, so we are not going to Epcot.” These are all statements I have heard from people going to Disney World. All four Disney World parks offer something for all ages and preferences. If you miss Hollywood Studios for the Stars Wars elements, you will also miss Toy Story Mania, Tower of Terror, and the Beauty and the Beast-Live on Stage Show. If you avoid Animal Kingdom for the animals, you will miss out on Expedition Everest, the Festival of the Lion King Show, and Finding Nemo-The Musical. Skip Epcot because of the World Showcase, and you won’t experience Test Track, Soarin’, and Mission Space. Try all the parks. They are all truly awesome.


  1. “Go to the Halloween party.” – Tyler, age 9. Everyone likes a party, and Disney knows how to throw the best! Mickey’s Not-So-Scary Halloween Party is held each year during the months of September and October. Villains that you’ve never seen in person roam the Magic Kingdom and take pictures with guests. Trick or treat stands throughout the park satisfy the sweet tooth while the Hallow-Wishes Nighttime Spectacular awes onlookers with a unique firework experience. My favorite part, however, is the Mickey’s “Boo to You” Halloween Parade led by the Headless Horseman himself! Kids and adults alike enjoy dressing up, and the entertainment provided by guests can be quite entertaining as well.


  1. “Don’t throw fits and tantrums about getting treats.” – Brennan, age 9. Adults can be just as guilty about this as kids. When you save for your Disney World vacation, be sure to budget in money for souvenirs and special snacks. Everyone likes a memento from their vacation. Enjoy a souvenir or two, but do stick to your budget. You will arrive home feeling a lot less guilty and enjoy your treats a whole lot more.


Just for fun, I also asked my sampling of Disney kids to share their favorites. Magic Kingdom won for favorite park. Rock ‘n’ Roller Coaster, Test Track, and Splash Mountain were their favorite rides. Donald Duck won the best character they ever met at the parks. Chef Mickey’s and Ohana were their favorite restaurants, and popcorn was their favorite snack. Listen to the kids before you go on your next Disney World vacation!

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