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Trying New Restaurants at Walt Disney World

There are over 200 restaurants in Walt Disney World. This list includes sit down locations as well as quick service. But for all the times I have been to WDW, I can probably only say that I’ve eaten at maybe 30 of them. I am a creature of habit and I know what I like, but on our most recent trips, I have tried to make an effort to go to new places and expand my horizons. So how do you pick these new places, and which ones have I discovered recently? I hope this article helps you out.

Using Disney Dining Online
Are you on a tight budget or do you have a picky eater? Then you need to use the Disney dining information found online. For my family, we have a few different allergies that we have to be aware of. Many Disney dining sites have great allergy menus, but it is best to do your research. Disney dining has menus as well as a pricing idea. It also gives you ideas about dress codes or if your kids would enjoy it.

Travel Through Epcot
One Disney location that has the most diverse group of food is Epcot. Traveling around the world allows your nose to smell the different cuisines and some mini stands allow your tastebuds to enjoy. On each trip to Epcot in recent years, I have been trying to eat at a new country each time. Whether it be the full sit down or a quick service counter, it makes me feel like I am doing something different. On a recent trip, we went to Marrakesh for the first time and it was fantastic. I also highly recommend the options found in the Mexico and Italy pavilions!

When In Doubt Look, For the Chicken Fingers
Any other toddler parents out there? If you are, you know that they can be the pickiest of eaters. Don’t let the kids drag you down! If you want to try Paddlefish or Hollywood Brown Derby, know that almost all Disney restaurants have kids menus that include chicken fingers or spaghetti. Do not limit yourself to just quick service restaurants because of that!

Don’t Be Afraid to Try the “Kiddie” Restaurants
Adults out there, this one is for you! If you are traveling without kids, you should never feel weird or guilty about going to a character dining experience or themed restaurant! Disney is the happiest place on earth and while you may experience one judge-like stare, no one really judges you. Go ahead and enjoy the character experience at Chef Mickey’s! Some of my favorite meals have come from themed restaurants!

Disney is a wonderful world of delectable flavors, and maybe you are a lucky one who has tried them all, but until you have, happy eating!

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