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Disney Reveals Toy Story Character Sketches at Roundup Rodeo BBQ in Hollywood Studios

As Spring 2023 inches closer, Roundup Rodeo BBQ is taking steps toward completion. We’ve been monitoring the scaffolding and coverings around the future restaurant for many months. Scaffolding has finally been removed from the facade, and now we can finally catch a glimpse at what the outside of the location will look like.

The characters that are visible at the moment are Jessie, Wheezy, and Bo Peep. How exciting! It looks like Andy drew them with crayons on cardboard; he is definitely a great artist. I love that Jessie is holding up a fork; that’s exactly what I’ll look like when I eat there. Once guests enter the restaurant, they will see that type of art throughout the interior and many other items that Andy brought to decorate the space.

After seeing this, I am so excited to see the interior and witness the rodeo that Andy has created for all of us. I hope the food is as good as the looks of the dining location; fingers crossed. Disney isn’t known for creating the best BBQ in the world, but the one time they did it right was at Regal Eagle Smokehouse in EPCOT. I hope they took some notes.

Here are articles covering the restaurant’s progress and all the news surrounding it.

What do you think about these character sketches? Do they make you want to dine at the new location when it opens in a few months? Let us know in the comments what you think!

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