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Epcot Is Crumbling And Disney Doesn’t Seem To Care


When Walt Disney wanted to build Disney World in Orlando, Florida, Epcot was going to be the crowning jewel. After Walt Disney’s death the entire concept of Epcot changed from being a futuristic city to a theme park. As disappointed as Walt might have been that his dream of his futuristic city was never completed, I think seeing the lack of attention that Epcot the theme park has gotten in the recent years would leave him even more upset. Yes, changes have been made to Test Track, and there is a new Frozen Ever After attraction, but overall Epcot hasn’t had a major overhaul in a very long time.

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The Magic Kingdom has added New Fantasyland in 2012, Disney’s Animal Kingdom is adding Pandora: Land of Avatar next year, and Disney’s Hollywood Studios is adding Star Wars Land and Toy Story Land over the next coming years, but Epcot really hasn’t gotten anything worth calling home about. Like I said, yes Epcot has the Frozen inspired attraction and meet-and-greet area, but that is a very small portion of the park. Future World is almost entirely outdated, and the World Showcase hasn’t seen a new pavilion since the Norway pavilion opened 1988. It isn’t like Epcot doesn’t have space for more pavilions, in fact there are nine empty spots for countries around the World Showcase that haven’t been filled. What is sad to me, is that there clearly was a plan for more countries to be built, but that land has seemingly been forgot about. That worries me. I am worried that Disney has decided that adding a new country to the World Showcase won’t drive in any enough tourists. Unlike a big franchise like Star Wars getting an entire part of the park, I think Disney is hesitant to give a country, say Australia or Brazil, a pavilion because they are worried few guests will vacation simply to see a new pavilion in the World Showcase.

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You don’t have to be a Disney Parks expert to realize Future World is not what it used to be. This area of the park has a number of attractions that haven’t seen refurbishments in years, like Ellen’s Energy Adventure and Journey Into Imagination. It also features the Wonders of Life pavilion, which has been basically an abandoned pavilion only used for festivals since 2007. Walking into Future World I am rarely inspired to ride any of the attractions because they are so outdated, which is ironic considering it is supposed to be Future World. I am admittedly excited for the update for Soarin’, but it isn’t enough. Walt Disney is rolling over in his grave. Walt Disney dreamed of the future more than any one else, and I’ll assume seeing something in a Disney park called “Future World” look this outdated would have Walt fuming.

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The other Walt Disney World parks have had, or are getting, their major upgrades. If Epcot isn’t next in line to get a major overhaul I am going to be hugely disheartened with Disney. This article wasn’t meant to hate on Epcot, so I hope you as the reader understand that. I love Epcot, even with its faults I love spending a sunny day walking around the World Showcase. The purpose of this article wasn’t to bash on Epcot, it was to share with you why I think Epcot needs to be next in line for an upgrade.

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Stephen "Steve" Porter started going to the parks with his family in 1996. Since then he hasn't looked back! Steve was a cast member participating in the Disney College Program in 2013. Most recently he graduated from Penn State University!


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