Having Fun With Your Teenager on Your Day at Epcot

Sometimes when planning to spend the day at Epcot, families with kids aren’t too sure about what there is to do there that will keep the youngins entertained for the day. I always see recommendations online to take advantage of the Kidcot Fun Stops where kids of all ages can collect stamps and create a personalized souvenir at any or all 11 of the World Showcase craft stations. Of course, there is also Agent P’s World Showcase Adventure which can be a lot of fun; albeit time-consuming.

While these activities are definitely fun for everyone, if you’re like us and have been visiting the parks often over the years or have teenagers who aren’t into those things anymore, I have another idea to share that was actually quite spur-of-the-moment and ended up being one of the best days ever according to my teenager. We called it “Selfies Around the World” and it was just her and her dad that day having an awesome time.

Their worldly adventure began in the Canada pavilion where they put on some ear-flap hats and grabbed a stuffed moose.


Next, we have the United Kingdom pavilion where they couldn’t really find a good prop that they were happy with, so they made the decision to hold up tee shirts!


One of our favorite staples in our kitchen is the French rolling pin, so it seems appropriate that that was the item of choice in the France pavilion.


What they did in the Morocco pavilion is actually my favorite image from the entire day! I mean, the fact that my husband even wore the pink one was quite impressive to me.


Of course, we have the gorgeous fans in the Japan pavilion.


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We fly the American Flag in The American Adventure pavilion.


They didn’t want to grab flags or tee shirts in the Italy pavilion as they had already done that in other pavilions, so they decided on these ceramic chickens. This left me wondering if there was something special about them in Italy so if you know, please let us know in the comments!


The home of the Cuckoo Clocks – there are some pretty ones in the Germany pavilion for sure – and these two are a little cuckoo themselves so, there’s that.


The iconic statues in the China pavilion are always fun to pose with and my peeps couldn’t resist it before they even stepped inside of the shop.


The Viking hats in the Norway pavilion are another iconic way to pose for a selfie.


And lastly, when you’re in the Mexico pavilion, donning a sombrero is certainly a must!


What do you like to do with your teenagers when you visit Epcot? Let us know in the comments below or join in on the discussion on our Facebook page.