My Regrets After Waiving Mousekeeping

We checked into Disney’s Art of Animation Resort and just before we left the desk, we were given an offer. We’d get a $50 Disney gift card if we waived Mousekeeping for our entire stay. Mom and I looked at each other, thought about our hotel habits, and agreed. We’re neat people, and we were okay with Mousekeeping never cleaning our room. We left the desk, our trip began, and the gift card appeared in my email less than an hour later. The process went smoothly. That said, I regret waiving Mousekeeping — and here’s why:


Getting extra towels delivered was no problem at all. The issue was having a pile of towels at the end of the trip. Being in the parks nearly all day, every day, meant showering every night, which meant going through towels. We underestimated how much that piles up at the end of a trip — even after using the same towel twice.



No Mousekeeping meant no trash service either. Midweek we did wind up asking for another bag and had someone come by and collect the full one. Even though there are trash receptacles throughout the resort, there should be a larger bin for those who waived Mousekeeping.


Because I got ill during my trip, that room could have benefited from cleaning. I’m not saying there was sick all over the room and it was a complete mess but, going back to the first point of towels, a clean room would’ve helped. Having things wiped down might have also helped with any germs.


The Work for Mousekeeping

I couldn’t decide what would be more work for Mousekeeping — to clean a room at the end of the trip, or to clean throughout the trip? I felt awful, given the number of towels we ended up going through and the trash. We kept dirty towels in one place and had trash bagged and ready for Mousekeeping when we left. We were as clean and as organized as we are at home. However, I think that’s still a lot of work for Mousekeeping.

No Surprises

One of my favorite things about staying on Disney property is the surprises left by Mousekeeping. During our stay in Paradise Pier a few years ago, a stuffed animal I purchased was given tiny Mickey ears one day and was swaddled daily and given the remote. We were also given a surprise on my mom’s birthday. No Mousekeeping meant no surprises this time around. It also meant that we couldn’t leave thank you notes and surprises for the cast member cleaning our room.

In hindsight, it should’ve been an obvious decision. I should’ve realized a few of our habits ahead of time and definitely should’ve recalled that last point, but I didn’t. Live and learn, right?

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