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Power Ranking Every Ride in Toy Story Land

Power Ranking Every Ride in Toy Story Land 306534134_5835871989781056_6175304213601743155_n Cropped

The Toy Story films have never not been represented at the Walt Disney World parks – especially at Magic Kingdom and Hollywood Studios, which have each had a Toy Story-themed ride amidst their magic for over a decade.

When Toy Story Land opened at Hollywood Studios in 2018, it debuted two brand new rides starring everyone’s favorite toys. After nearly five years since Andy’s backyard opened to guests, let’s power rank each ride, and give a nice, big, Andy’s room welcome to Buzz Lightyear’s Space Ranger Spin in Magic Kingdom as an honorable mention.

3. Alien Swirling Saucers

Coming in third in the land of toys is Alien Swirling Saucer, an opening day ride in Toy Story Land that stars everyone’s favorite little green men.

After going through a queue that looks like it was launched by Star Command (keep an eye out for an easy-to-spot Hidden Mickey!), you’ll hop into a spaceship driven by an alien, who guides you around the twisty-turny ride while upbeat instrumentals of fan-favorite tracks from the films play.

Best ridden at nighttime, while this ride will have you feeling all the Pizza Planet vibes and add to the colorful ambiance of the land, it comes up short of being a unique experience, or one with very many characters or Easter eggs.

2. Slinky Dog Dash

In second is the second of the two opening day rides, Slinky Dog Dash, a ride most guests consider a tame rollercoaster. The experience starts in the queue, which mostly remains in the shade with strong fans for those hot and humid Orlando days, and is chock full of Easter eggs. Keep an eye out for nods to notable dates in the Toy Story universe, Buster’s collar, and a tribute to Slinky’s portrayer Jim Varney.

Once you embark on Slinky’s ride car, this seemingly tame rollercoaster will suddenly become a zoom above the park, much faster than it appears as you say hi to characters like Jessie and Rex. You’ll also witness some beautiful, colorful views of Toy Story Land beneath you, and just as the ride comes to an end, you’ll slow down with a sing-along joined by a few memorable characters.

This ride is a must for any Toy Story fan, a fun way to add a more thrilling attraction among the “kiddie” rides and will have you feeling like you’re truly in Andy’s backyard with all his toys.

1. Toy Story Mania

The number one spot goes to Toy Story Mania, which opened in Hollywood Studios in 2008 along with the since-closed Pixar Place, a once nostalgic, little alleyway full of Woody’s Roundup memorabilia that led to the ride’s queue.

Although the queue has changed since the opening of Toy Story Land, it still remains full of toys and Easter eggs, like the Luxo ball and the Peter Pan ViewMaster reel. But the best part of the queue is when you’re greeted by Mr. Potato Head, who tells jokes and interacts with guests, keeping everyone entertained as they wait.

With a similar setup to Buzz Lightyear’s Space Ranger Spin, which requires riders to shoot at targets for points, Toy Story Mania upped the ante when it offered a 4D experience to riders, who don 3D glasses as they play several different carnival-style games, all starring the characters of Toy Story.

While this ride doesn’t offer guests a sticker prize for achieving the high score, it does offer a fun, little competition for guests in pairs of two – or if you’re riding solo, a chance to beat your own score! – while seeing all your favorite toys appear 4D in front of you and cheering you on as you play.

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