Random Acts of Kindness at Disney

We go on Disney vacations to experience the magic, but what about helping to spread the magic? There are lots of simple random acts of kindness that you can do that might make another guest’s day just a little bit brighter.

Make It Glow

We love bringing a large container of glow sticks with us and passing them out to kids around us while waiting for parades and fireworks to start. They also serve as a great distraction to children waiting in long attraction lines.


Image (c) Tom Bell

Fastpass Regifting

Sometimes you pull a paper FastPass but the return time isn’t a convenient time for you or you decide not to use it. We love watching the entrance line to an attraction and picking out a deserving family to hand off our FastPasses to that we aren’t going to use. While this can’t be done at Disney World anymore, it is still lots of fun to do in Disneyland.

Put A Pin In It

My 3 sons and husband just love pin trading. But, they also know that sometimes, it is just as fun to gift someone with a pin, expecting none in return. They especially like to do this with the “girly” pins they get.

Lucky Pennies

Another fun thing to do is to leave bundles of pennies & quarters at the pressed penny machines located around the parks and resorts. These will await the next lucky guest who steps up to the machine.


Image (c) Jeremy Plumley

Kitchen Sink

A somewhat humorous gesture can be done while dining at Beaches and Cream by buying a “Kitchen Sink” and having it sent to an unsuspecting table. This can sometimes prove to be a quite entertaining event!


Pay It Forward

Face it, we’ve all been there. It’s the end of our vacation, yet we still have 16 snack credits left on our Dining Plan to spend. We love being able to treat others to a Mickey ice cream or a popcorn. If they are just checking in, this can really start their vacation off on a good foot.

Play Photographer

This is hands down our number one favorite thing to do to spread a little magic in someone else’s day at the parks — and it doesn’t cost a thing! How many times have you walked by a family and dad is taking the picture of mom and the kids? Poor dad, he never gets to be in any of the pictures. It only takes a few seconds to stop and say, “Would you like me to take a picture of all of you together?” They are always so grateful and usually will offer to take your picture as well. We truly get a lot of joy out of this simple gesture that can mean so much to that family.

Give Props

Don’t forget about the hard working Cast Members. Many families will bring little notes, cards and snacks for Cast Members. When you have a Cast Member that you see really is doing a great job, fill out a comment card at Guest Services. Cast Members often get incentives and recognition for receiving these so it can really make their day.

What are some random acts of kindness that you like to do while on your Disney vacation?

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