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Guidelines for Tipping at Disney

People in the service industry can be among the hardest working people you will ever meet.  Most of them are paid a paltry hourly wage, and they depend on tips to make a living.  There are standard guidelines for tipping. 

  • In restaurants, tip based on the service, not the food.  You are not tipping the chef, you are tipping the waiter/waitress.
  • For good service, you should leave 15% of the total bill.  If you are using a coupon or other discount, the tip should be based on the full bill, not the discounted amount.
  • If the service was outstanding, 20% is a great way to show it. Alternately, if the service was below par 10% or lower sends the same message.
  • Bellman should normally be tipped $3 per bag when delivering bags to your room.  It is customary to tip both upon arrival and departure.
Service Industry Tipping Chart
Bill Amount Bad Service Good Service Great Service
$2.50- $3.75 $5+
$40 $4- $6 $8+
$50 $5- $7.50 $10+
$60 $6- $9 $12+
$75 $7.50- $11.25 $15+
$90 $9- $13.50 $18+
$100 $10- $15 $20+

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