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Couple gets married on Disneyland's Pirates of the Caribbean ride

by Leah Zanolla
Oct 25, 2013

A Utah couple showed the world just how much they love Disney by actually getting married on the Pirates of the Caribbean ride at Disneyland. Tory Elegante has been a huge Disney fan since he was a child, and had always wanted to get married at Disneyland. His new wife, Nikki, had never been to the theme park until she met Tory, but now she enjoys it as much as he does, and agreed to his wedding plans. She said, "If I remember correctly, Pirates was the ride we rode over and over and over, so it makes sense that was the one we got married on."

Instead of planning their wedding at one of the usual spots at the Resort, the couple decided that it would be more special if they actually got married on the attraction itself. They didn't know if this was allowed, so they devised a seating chart for their family and friends and asked the Pirates ride operator for their own boat (each holds 18-24 people). Tory had a friend officiate the ceremony, which began two minutes and 30 seconds into the ride, just after the second drop. Tory said, "It kind of quiets down there in the cave a little bit and he gave a two minute ceremony and we exchanged rings on the boat. By the time we were to the big cannon ship battle, we were already married."

Instead of traditional wedding attire, Tory wore a tuxedo t-shirt and Nikki donned a t-shirt with Minnie Mouse on the front. The wedding was held on September 19 at 10:33 am, an homage to Club 33 next door. The couple celebrated with a meal at the restaurant later that night. For their honeymoon, they stayed to enjoy Disneyland for a few days with family, and then took off for Hawaii, followed by a few more days alone in Disneyland.

Tory's love of Disney is evident in all areas of his life - his children are named Ariel, Belle and Orlando; his car has Disney-themed personalized plates; and the house is decorated with attraction posters, a monorail and even hidden Mickeys stamped into the walls. He says, "It's pretty crazy. There should probably be a support group for me, I think."