Disneyland Park

New Orleans Square

New Orleans Square transports you to a land of romance and excitement. This section of the park was added on in 1966 and has become a favorite for visitors wishing to experience Disney New Orleans style. Replete with verandahs, wrought ironwork and the sounds of jazz and Dixieland in the air, you can’t help but linger and enjoy the atmosphere. You can dine at the Blue Bayou, sip on a mint julep (non-alcoholic) or browse through the unique shops in the French Quarter which offer one of a kind merchandise. With a band of pirates and a haunted antebellum mansion beckoning you, there’s no mistaking that New Orleans Square will be memorable.


Haunted Mansion

(Opened August 9, 1969)
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FASTPASS Attraction for Holiday Only

"Grim Grinning Ghosts" greet you in this home of 999 spooks! Guests enter through a foyer, which magically "stretches" before your eyes. You next walk through a hallway, adorned with haunted paintings and busts that seem to see all, and onto a moving platform where you board your own "Doom Buggy.” Your journey takes you through the dark mansion populated with all manner of ghosts and ghouls. Although there are some dark moments, the ride is fine for all but the most easily scared children. Watch out for hitchhiking ghosts! There’s always room for “one more” to add to their ranks.

Haunted Mansion Holiday

Restrictions: Inaccessible to strollers. Wheelchair/ECV accessible.

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Haunted Mansion New Orleans


Pirates of the Caribbean
(Opened: March 18, 1967)

A perennial favorite, this slow moving boat ride (with a couple of short "dips" thrown in for a little thrill) is a Disney classic. Pirates of the Caribbean has been rethemed to include scenes from the very popular 'Pirates of the Caribbean' movies include appearances by Jack Sparrow himself!

Guests board their pirate boat and travel through an audio-Animatronic pirate adventure. Watch as the pirates take over a Spanish fort and pillage and plunder the town. Just remember - "dead men tell no tales!" You’ll be singing “Yo Ho, YoHo, A Pirate’s Life For Me” by the time that your voyage comes to an end.
Restrictions: Must transfer from wheelchair/ECV. Guests wearing back and neck braces should be aware that this attraction contains a sequence in which ride vehicles accelerate rapidly down two short, steep waterfalls.

Pirates of the Caribbean ride


Disneyland Railroad
(Opened: July 17, 1955)
Stops in stations at Main Street, U.S.A., New Orleans Square, Mickey's Toontown, and Tomorrowland. This is one of the park's original 17 attractions. A 1.2 mile old-fashioned narrow-gauge steam train that moves around the Park's perimeter including a trip through the Grand Canyon and Primeval World dioramas.
Restrictions: Accessible to collapsible strollers only (Disney rental strollers are not collapsible and cannot be taken aboard).

Disneyland Railroad New Orleans Square



Cristal d'Orlean - Crystal
Port Royal –Nightmare Before Christmas Merchandise
La Mascarade d'Orleans - Pandora Jewelry
LeBat en Rouge – Ladies Clothing

Mlle. Antoinette’s Parfumerie - Perfume
Parasol Cart – Custom decorated Parasols
Pieces of Eight – Pirate Themed Items
Portrait Artists - Portraits
Royal Street Sweets - Sweets

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