Mickey for President: Top Five Disney World Spots to Celebrate Presidents’ Day Weekend!

Mickey Mouse could be a great president; he’s a great leader and an all-around global-friendly mouse. Overall, he’s clearly experienced, classic, timeless, and popular, not to mention that he’s very trustworthy and has credibility.

While Mickey isn’t running for office anytime soon, it isn’t too challenging to find areas at Walt Disney World to feel a sense of American pride and locate our real American presidents. As we approach Presidents’ Day, a day that coincides with the birthdays of both President Washington and President Lincoln, let’s look at some of the ways that we can find the American presidents in the parks!

Monday, February 15th is a federal holiday, but Walt Disney World is open and ready for you to explore in person or online!

Here are my top five places you can celebrate Presidents’ Day weekend…

Liberty Square

Liberty Square, located in the Magic Kingdom, offers many opportunities for celebrating Presidents’ Day weekend. The Hall of Presidents is an attraction that draws everyone in with feelings of patriotism. Currently closed for refurbishment, this is a great outdoor spot for picture-taking, as are the surrounding areas in Liberty Square. If you dine at Liberty Tree Tavern, you will find a few rooms that are presidential-themed. The Liberty Square Riverboat attraction will take you for a scenic ride on the Rivers of America aboard the Liberty Belle, and will take you back in time to the days of Mark Twain.

American pavilion - Epcot

American Adventure Pavilion

The American Adventure pavilion, located in Epcot, is the centerpiece of the World Showcase. The early American colonial-style architecture of its dome-shaped ceiling and lobby with many famous American quotes, statues, art, and exhibitions leads us into learning our American history. The theater show, with the Benjamin Franklin and Mark Twain audio-animatronics, weave us through our story using song and multimedia elements. Hidden alert: there are also a few American presidents represented as well in the show.

Carousel of Progress

Carousel of Progress

Located in Magic Kingdom’s Tomorrowland, this attraction sends us into America’s past, starting at the turn of the century. The story begins in February, and, through music, story, audio-animatronics, and a rotating theater, it highlights the spirit of America’s optimism and hope for a great future. A nod to President George Washington can be found in Act II.

Disney’s Wilderness Lodge

This resort, scheduled to reopen in June 2021 (Copper Creek Villas and Cabins and Boulder Ridge Villas are open now), is located in the Magic Kingdom Resort Area and depicts America’s great landscape of trails, nature, woods, and National Parks throughout its architecture. The story of this beautiful deluxe resort builds upon America’s history of parks, recreation, food and music. Railroads, buffalo, a grand stone fireplace and rich décor surround visitors. An outdoor geyser reminiscent of that of Yellowstone National Park is also present for guests to enjoy.

Eating at the Whispering Canyon Café only adds to the American palette, as the menu includes biscuits, apple pie, and a bison burger can even be found at the resort’s Geyser Point outdoor dining location.

President Teddy Roosevelt is a powerful influence throughout the resort as it is themed similarly to Yellowstone National Park and nature’s beauty.

Muppet Vision 3D_05

Muppet*Vision 3D

Along with Walt Disney, I believe Jim Henson to be an American icon. Located in Hollywood Studios, you can find his beloved Muppets in the Muppet*Vision 3D attraction. The finale, in particular, offers us American comedy, Miss Piggy’s costume rendition of Miss Liberty (the great photo-op at the outdoor fountain is a must) and Sam Eagle, along with fireworks, cannons and you know: “A salute to all nations, but mostly America…”.

Walt Disney World offers many areas where we can find tributes to the American presidents for Presidents’ Day weekend. But wait, who is the President of Walt Disney World? Fun fact: it’s Mr. Jeff Vahle!

Happy Presidents’ Day!

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