Flamingo Crossings to Add 1,300 ‘Student Housing Type’ Apartments

Permits have been filed for Flamingo Crossings East, which would see over 1,300 additional apartments added to the Disney-owned project which already includes the 1,291 apartment housing area Flamingo Crossings West, 237,00 square feet of retail space, and multiple hotels.

An engineering report included with the documents describes Flamingo Crossings East as “a 1,323 unit multi-family apartment complex on a 60.78 acre site, which includes 4.84 acres of future commercial development.”


The development will be located just across Flamingo Crossings Blvd., directly to the east of Flamingo Crossings West, adjacent to SR 429 on its eastern side and Western Way on its northern side. It will be under the jurisdiction of Walt Disney World’s governing body, the Reedy Creek Improvement District.


A large parking lot will be located on the north side, with additional parking on the east near the back of the complex.

A geotechnical report describes the project consisting of  “new 4-story student housing type multi-family buildings with associated sports/recreational courts, community and education centers, swimming pool, and paved driveways, bus/ride share pick-up areas and surface parking lots.”

The reference to “student housing type” structures likely refers to Flamingo Crossings’ plan to construct intern-housing for cast members who are part of Walt Disney World’s college program.

The same report also runs under the assumption that “the housing buildings will be wood-framed structures with interior elevators.”




Source/Images: South Florida Water Management District, Orange County Government