A Closer Look at the Construction Currently Taking Place in Epcot

It’s time for a construction update from Epcot. The changes are coming fast and furious, and I want to keep you up to speed as the transformations occur. If you missed it, you can click here to read my update from a few weeks ago.

As soon as guests enter the park, they are greeted with construction walls. You and I both know that we need to get used to seeing these walls throughout the park for the foreseeable future, so maybe having the walls present as soon as you walk into Epcot helps to rip the Band-Aid off.

IMG 6901

Construction walls are also next to and in front of Guest Relations as work is being done on the landscaping. The trees that filled this space have been removed.

IMG 6903 2

I’m happy to say that colorful graphics that feature Epcot’s new logo have been added to the largest construction walls that surround the Fountain of Nations and the southern half of Innoventions West.

IMG 6906

Construction equipment has moved into the area behind the walls that surround the southern half of Innoventions West. It was discovered earlier this week that the new Epcot park map shows that part of the building as completely gone. It’s going to be painful to see it taken down.

IMG 6908

The Family Play Zone located just outside of the door leading from Mouse Gear into Future World East is still open. If your kiddos need a break, this is the perfect space to let them run off their wiggles. And, if mom or dad need a break, there are plenty of benches to sit on.

IMG 6910

As you pass by the the Family Play Zone, you’ll soon find yourself surrounded by construction walls on both sides. Continue on this path to reach The Donut Box, Cool Wash, Test Track, and the bridge to The Epcot Experience and World Showcase.

IMG 6918

The Odyssey has been transformed into The Epcot Experience, which serves as the preview center for what Epcot will be once all of the construction walls are down. The Odyssey has received a colorful makeover for its new use, and, personally, I appreciate the attention that has been paid this classic building.

IMG 6912 2

The Odyssey also received new logo artwork on the wall by the restrooms, and a new illuminated logo sign on the front of the building.

IMG 6949

I cannot encourage you enough to take a few minutes to stop by and visit The Epcot Experience. The Imagineers behind this project have done an incredible job of presenting the information in an inspiring and exciting way. It’ll help all of us keep our eyes on the prize during this time of renovation.

IMG 6985

By the way, if the Future World West flavored popcorn is a favorite of yours, please know that the stand is no longer in operation.

IMG 6961 2

But take heart: the beloved popcorn can now be found at The Epcot Experience. The Cheddar Cheese, Buffalo Bleu Cheese, and Sour Cream and Chive flavors are sold at the refreshment counters inside of The Odyssey for $6.25 ($12.00 for a serving of the popcorn in a souvenir bucket).

IMG 6974

The new building just around the corner from Refreshment Port continues to take shape. I believe this will be a new restroom location.

IMG 6977

Please note that the restrooms next to Refreshment Port are currently closed. Guests are asked to use the restrooms located in World Showplace (in between the Canada and United Kingdom pavilions) or at The Odyssey.

IMG 6978 2

Work continues on the Canada pavilion as plans are made for Canada Far and Wide to begin showing in January 2020. During the 2019 Epcot International Food and Wine Festival, the show space is housing the Appleseed Orchard.

IMG 6981

The rock work in the Canada pavilion carries through to the space surrounding the pavilion’s show entrance. I look forward to seeing the end result of the work that’s taking place.

As Epcot continues to change, I’ll keep you up to date in hopes that it helps you stay connected and aware as you plan your next trip.

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