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The Most Overrated and Underrated Attractions at Each Disney World Park

The Most Overrated and Underrated Attractions at Each Disney World Park image1 (25)

There’s nothing worse than getting to a park at rope drop, rushing past strollers and screaming moms to get to the most popular attraction, waiting over an hour to get on, and leaving disappointed because “it wasn’t that good.” On the other hand, nothing beats finding a 10-minute wait attraction on a hot, crowded day while everyone is cramped into long lines. Every park at Walt Disney World has overrated and underrated attractions, and these are the prime examples at each one:

Magic Kingdom:

Most Overrated: Seven Dwarf’s Mine Train

The latest attraction to come to the Magic Kingdom, this roller coaster still hasn’t shaken the new ride hype. It seems like this ride sees constant hour and a half waits just because people see the long wait time and assume it is a marquee attraction, or that if they don’t ride it now, it’ll get longer. However, there are more exciting and certainly longer roller coasters in the park, like Space Mountain and Big Thunder Mountain. Don’t get me wrong, this is a fun attraction, but it is not a must-do for me let alone worth a 150-minute wait.

Most Underrated: Under the Sea – Journey of The Little Mermaid

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Now, before die hard PeopleMover fans spam the comments, let me preface. I think the PeopleMover is a great, underrated attraction, but everyone knows how good it is. Not many people talk about how good the Little Mermaid attraction is. This New Fantasyland ride has one of the best themed queues on property that is followed by a well-themed ride track that immerses you in the popular film’s story. Also, you will rarely wait more than 20 minutes for the Little Mermaid, even though it’s as new as the Seven Dwarf’s Mine Train. Make sure not to skip this attraction located in the back of the park.


Most Overrated: Soarin’

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Before you rage exit out of this article, hear me out. I love Soarin’ and consider it a must-do on every trip, but not without a FastPass. I appreciate how unique this attraction is, but I don’t believe it is worth more than a 25-minute wait. The long loading process and lack of exciting rides at Epcot makes this ride consistently too long of a wait, but hopefully it will become the 20 to 30-minute wait it should be once Ratatouille and Guardians of the Galaxy arrive. With a boring queue and an underwhelming end product, Soarin’ should be your first tier FastPass at Epcot.

Most Underrated: Living with the Land

This slow boat ride captures the essence of the original E.P.C.O.T. Center’s message while the park is slowly moving away from it. This informative yet entertaining attraction gives you a look into sustainability and Disney World’s massive greenhouses. Better yet, you will rarely wait more than 10 minutes for this tucked away ride. When Test Track is inevitably shut down with a 75-minute wait and you have already used your Soarin’ FastPass, be sure to give this attraction a chance.

Disney’s Hollywood Studios:

Most Overrated: Rock ‘n’ Roller Coaster Starring Aerosmith

Alright, by now you might think this is all click bait and I’m a product of the “hot take” era. Again, I enjoy this ride and nothing beats the 0-60 mph start. However, with only 4 operational rides in the park, there’s slim pickings for this category. This roller coaster isn’t as unique or well-themed as the other Hollywood Studios attractions and usually sees about an hour wait. Still, do your best to fit this ride into your schedule if you’re going to this park for a half-day, but limit your expectations while you’re in line.

Most Underrated: Toy Story Mania!

The Most Overrated and Underrated Attractions at Each Disney World Park image4 (4) image4 (4)

Ever since it was opened, Toy Story Mania! has been labeled one of the most overrated attractions on property. But has this constant criticism made it an underrated attraction? I think so. Since then, the ride added another track, greatly reducing the wait times. It used to routinely reach 150 minute waits, but now it stays around 30 to 45-minute waits. The loading dock and queue are well-themed and the ride is exciting and wildly fun. No other attraction can pin your friends and family together in friendly competition in such a fun way.

Disney’s Animal Kingdom:

Most Overrated: Kali River Rapids

This water ride is consistently one of the longest wait times in the park, but is one of the least fun. It is barely themed compared to the other brilliantly themed attractions in the park. People often want to ride the Kali River Rapids to escape the heat and get wet. However, I would recommend going to the multiple air conditioned attractions and shows.

Most Underrated: DINOSAUR

For most of the year, this attraction stays in the 10 to 20-minute range. It’s tucked away in the back of DinoLand U.S.A. so many guests skip the ride all together. However, this is a must-do attraction. With an intriguing queue, amazingly retro pre-show, well-themed loading dock and suspenseful ride track, DINOSAUR is not only underrated, but one of the best attractions in the park.


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