Effortlessly Cast Off 3 Common Park Stressors

I'm here to alleviate some tension for you.  Unload some of your burden.  Give you back some energy to put into the people you care about.  Most of us have plenty on our plates with careers, family demands, school, philanthropy, or planning the perfect getaway.  If that getaway is Walt Disney World, then here are some simple strategies to free your mind from worries that I frequently read about on the DISboards. Disney 2006 (30) Strategy #1:  Keep your eyes on the prize and out of the strollers By all means, dodge those deadly wheels but don't look inside!  Yes, it could be a cute little kid sweetly napping, but there could also be nothing but trouble lurking in there.  Beware! There is often lengthy discussion about whether a stroller will be necessary.  To assess this need, many parents seek out the experiences of those with similar-aged children.  But mixed in with the helpful anecdotes are stories about how agitated people felt to see kids in strollers that, in their opinion, clearly shouldn't be there.  I understand their frustration.  And I have solved the mystery.  There is only one reason these parents think their child needs that stroller: They did not read the fabled Handbook of How To Make Your Kid Like Everyone Else's.  Therefore, they cannot be helped and you should forge ahead with your crew.  If you can't stop thinking about it, immediately ride "It's a Small World."  Your brain will be wiped clear, retaining only that song.   Strategy #2:  If you see a child fussing, high five your partner There are countless re-tellings of the "ill-mannered, spoiled brats" invading Disney World and ruining everyone's fun.  Envision tip-toeing over a vast sea of raging beached toddlers. Surely, the parents of these wild beings will get what's coming to them for not reading the Handbook.  Clearly, it would have instructions on how to cast a spell over a young child who gets "out of sync" when traveling.  In addition, the footnotes would direct those parents who are not skilled enough to cast spells to hide in their hotel room.  It is irrelevant that the child would have the time of his life once he worked out his emotions. You paid too much for this vacation to listen to meltdowns! Alas, I have a solution to this epidemic:  A high five for your partner.  A five like you mean it.  No one has to know why.  And if you are traveling solo, high five the next cast member you see.  They will play along because they have to be nice to you.  Of course, this only works if the child isn't yours.   Strategy #3:  Keep your list of must-do attractions a family secret Many of you have a must-do List for Disney vacations.  You know that your vacation would be incomplete if all items were not checked off.  But did you know that not everyone has such a List?  It is shocking, I know.  You will be tempted to share it so others have the same fun as you.  But you must protect the List from them!  It's for their own good. After all, those families who didn't teach their children that they must enjoy the sensation of a roller coaster might feel inadequate when you ask them which Mountain their child enjoyed most.  You might even feel compelled to tell them that they wasted thousands of dollars to browse gift shops, eat ice cream and get buried in the sand at Stormalong Bay. resized 0818 These parents have already ignored the chapter in the Handbook that would have instructed them to force their children on all the rides so they grow up to be strong people and not the wimpy products of helicopter parents.  The List cannot save them now.  Please relieve yourself of the burden of these doomed families.  Smile, tell them you are happy they enjoyed their trip and double check the lock on the List. Now… Deep breath.  That wasn't so bad, was it?  These strategies call for great effort but get easier with practice.  And there's no purchase required! Congratulations.  I think you've earned a Mickey bar. Follow Liz Mroz on Twitter @buildingdisney
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