We got to Meet Asha from ‘WISH’ at EPCOT!

We got to Meet Asha from 'WISH' at EPCOT! Asha-WISH-wdw (4)

Yesterday at EPCOT, Disney debuted Asha from ‘WISH.’ She is one of the newest Disney characters to join the family. We don’t know much about her because the movie comes out on November 22, 2023, but it was great to interact with her.

We got to Meet Asha from 'WISH' at EPCOT! Asha-WISH-wdw (5)

Disney describes Asha as an optimistic dreamer and leader in the making. They also say that she cares about the people of Rosas and is proud to live in the Kingdom of Wishes. When we met her, she was full of energy, and you could tell she was a leader in the making.

We got to Meet Asha from 'WISH' at EPCOT! Asha-WISH-wdw (2)

The meet-and-greet location isn’t huge because it’s a gazebo, but they did a great job decorating it. The decor does give us some hints about where her kingdom might reside, which I loved. Even though the location is small, it didn’t bother me because the interaction was so excellent.

We got to Meet Asha from 'WISH' at EPCOT! Asha-WISH-wdw (3)

I was worried going into the interaction because I didn’t know much about her, but she did a great job at speaking with us and not giving away any movie spoilers. I walked away with Craig, and the first thing I said was, “Wow, I love her; I can’t wait to see the movie.” If this is Disney’s marketing tactic to get more people interested in the movie, it’s working.

Take a look at our experience meeting Asha at EPCOT in the video below.

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