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Disney's Blizzard Bech Water Park

Walt Disney World Water ParksWater Parks at Disney World have come a long way. The newest water park in "the world" is Disney's Blizzard Bech Water Park. Themed after a ski resort, this offers the largest number of water "thrill rides" of the three water parks. Of special terror is Summit Plummet . The 160ft high mountain sends guests on a body slide straight down....at nearly 65 miles per hour!! I REFUSED to go on this (although my friends did....makes nasty wedgies!!). Other rides include a bob-sled ride, a slalom ride, and the infamous "family ride". I don't know whose "family" this was...but up to 6 people get into a big tube and fly down this flume (on turns this thing feels like it's going over the side). Scary..but fun.

Disney's Typhoon Lagoon Water Park

Walt Disney World Water ParksAnother great water park is Disney's Typhoon Lagoon Water Park. This features a couple of healthy body slides, a very nice and relaxing inner tube creek ride that runs the perimeter of the park, and the big Wave Pool . Every few minutes this pool self generates 6 foot waves and douses everyone in it's wake. Also of note here is the diving pool. Guests are invited to sport a scuba mask, and swim across the surface of a pool loaded with tropical fish and plant life, oh..and yes, a shark or two (I'm not kidding). Since I'm a lousy swimmer, I avoid this...but those who consciously avoid swimming with sharks can view the action in an underground viewing area.

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