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Pandora - The World of AVATAR - Opens May 27, 2017

The popular film AVATAR will be coming to life at Disney's Animal Kingdom. Disney Parks' newest venture will happen in cooperation with James Cameron's Lightstorm Entertainment and Fox Filmed Entertainment.

Disney says "Animal Kingdom is a great fit for this project because it was created to give guests the opportunity to experience the worlds of animals and nature - real and mythical - in new ways. Disney's Animal Kingdom also celebrates adventure, living in harmony with nature and environmental stewardship - themes that are deeply rooted in the story of AVATAR."

There are currently two sequels to the film being planned, so the AVATAR world will only have more opportunities to grow as more characters and stories are developed.

Until we have more details, we will use this page to post information as it becomes available.

Pandora - Video

Pandora - Attractions

Avatar Flight of Passage - For Avatar Flight of Passage, guests must be 44-inches (112 centimeters) or taller to ride. Here is how Disney describes this attraction:
“Get a banshee’s-eye view of the beauty and grandeur of Pandora on a rite of passage you won’t soon forget!

Deep in the heart of the Valley of Mo’ara, discover Avatar Flight of Passage — an all-new expedition that lets interstellar explorers like you climb atop a mountain banshee for a breathtaking, first-person flight over the moon’s incredible landscape.

Bonding with a mountain banshee is a crucial step in the life of a Na’vi hunter—and flying on the back of one of these powerful winged creatures represents an important rite of passage.

Now, as a visitor to Pandora, you’ll finally have the chance to test yourself in a similar way!”

Na'vi River Journey - There is no height requirement for the Na’vi River Journey – this attraction is listed as a ‘slow ride.’ Disney describes this attraction as:
“A Family-Friendly Adventure where guests slide down a gentle, mysterious river and feel a sense of wonder as the full beauty of Pandora reveals itself. Located within the Valley of Mo’ara, Na’vi River Journey offers explorers an experience that has to be seen—and heard—to be believed!

As your expedition begins, climb aboard a reed boat and drift downstream. After coasting through a series of caves, and passing by exotic glowing plants and amazing creatures of the rainforest, you’ll soon find yourself face-to-face with the Na’vi Shaman of Songs.
The adventure comes to a conclusion as the Shaman demonstrates her deep connection to the life force of Pandora—and sends positive energy out into the forest through the power of her music!”

Pandora - Dining

Satu'li Canteen - The Satu’li Canteen is a quick service location that offers both unique and familiar dishes. According to Disney, the menu is centered around “wholesome grains, fresh vegetables and hearty proteins.” The restaurant is themed as the Alpha Centauri Expeditions canteen. Travelers come to Satu'li Canteen to find the familiar foods and luxuries of their home.

Menu items include, but are not limited to, a chopped wood-grilled chicken bowl, chili-spiced crispy fried tofu bowl, cheeseburger steamed pod, and much more.

Pongu Pongu - Pongu Pongu is a drink stand that offers interesting drinks, and sweet treats! The drink stand offers a “bioluminescent" frozen cocktail, beers, and many other Na’vi-inspired refreshments.

Pandora - Articles

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