Visiting the Walt Disney World Resort as a Solo Adult

Cinderella Castle

Visiting Solo - Overview

Typically when people are considering taking a vacation to a Disney theme park, they automatically think it's a destination for kids so they aren't sure that it's the best place to visit if they're traveling as a solo adult. We've put together some fun tips and suggestions, a guide if you will, for traveling as a solo adult to Walt Disney World including a look at why it might be your very best Disney vacation ever!

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Maybe you've made plans with friends or family to visit Walt Disney World, all the details have been planned out but someone backs out at the last minute. Maybe their work schedule changed or finances suddenly became an issue. Maybe they decided that they just don’t like Disney enough to spend time with someone like you who has Pixie Dust running through their veins. Whatever the case might be, you are now faced with a tough decision - go solo or don’t go at all.

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If you're the kind of Disney fan I have a hunch you might be, not going at all isn't really an option, so next on your agenda is to make a plan for a party of one! This can be a whole lot of fun because you get to do whatever you want and you don't have to take anyone else's opinions or desires into account. If The Many Adventures of Winnie the Pooh is your favorite attraction, you can ride it all day long if you choose to.

Let's begin by taking a peek at these two episodes of our Best & Worst of Walt Disney World shows to see what the team thinks about traveling solo.

Choosing a Resort Hotel

Contemporary room

Choosing where to stay on your solo Disney vacation depends mostly on what you can afford since you won't be sharing the cost with anyone. If you're looking for some sophisticated elegance during your solo vacation, you might think about staying somewhere like Disney's Contemporary Resort where you'll be close to monorail and watercraft transportation along with being situated within walking distance of the Magic Kingdom.

Each of the Disney Resorts have their own theming and each one is so different. From the African theme of Disney's Animal Kingdom Lodge to the Pacific Northwest theming of Disney's Wilderness Lodge, there is something for everyone. If you want to step into a little bit of New Orleans, take a look at the Port Orleans Resorts - there's Riverside that feels like you're visiting the Bayou and then there's the French Quarter complete with all the vibes you'd expect to see if you were actually visiting that part of New Orleans.

If you're a kid at heart, any of the five Value Resorts would be a fun and affordable choice, but be sure to take into account that these resorts are often where large groups of athletes and cheerleaders stay when in town for various competitions that take place at the ESPN Wide World of Sports.

Mr. and Mrs. Potato Head Toy Story

The location of the resort you choose can play an important factor too. If you'd like to be within walking distance or a quick boat ride to EPCOT, there is a small handful of choices from Disney's Boardwalk Inn, Disney's Yacht & Beach Club Resorts, or the Walt Disney World Swan & Dolphin hotels. These locations are all a quick boat ride to and from Disney's Hollywood Studios as well.

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Staying at an offsite hotel can also be an option if you're renting a car. There are many options closeby who offer transportation to the theme parks, but you may be on your own for getting to and from the airport; there are plenty of options with Lyft, Uber, and taxi services.

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Dining Alone
Want ice cream for breakfast? Go for it! Are you someone who loves taking selfies and posing with Disney characters? Book a character meal - it's not unheard of to go as an adult by yourself. You may think it will be weird, but no one else will bat an eye. Something really fun to keep in mind is that the characters who speak know their respective movies well and you can guarantee yourself a great experience if you ask them a question or two from it.

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Traveling solo is also a fantastic time to dine at that Signature restaurant you've always wanted to try but the prices were too steep to bring the whole family. Even a party of two can cost a small fortune, but if it's just you, splurging might be just the thing. Dining alone can be a fabulous experience if you allow it to be. It's also a lot easier to obtain an Advanced Dining Reservation for a party of one than it is for a group.
Riding the Rides

When you go on a Walt Disney World vacation, you might have some members of your family who are adrenaline junkies and want to ride all of the roller coasters and others who would prefer to ride the "no height requirement" attractions. This can cause issues when you're planning because unless everyone enjoys the same things, folks will need to either split up to accomplish what they want or sit some rides out. When you're by yourself, you can do whatever you want with no one telling you otherwise!

A few of the attractions at Walt Disney World even have a Single Rider Line. The way this line works is let's say a family of 3 is loaded into a ride vehicle that accomodates four guests. Rather than letting the ride go with that empty seat, a Cast Member will pull a guest from the Single Rider line to fill in that available space. More often than not, you don't have to wait nearly as long to ride. Just like with anything else, your experience may vary.

No matter what the reason is for you visiting the Walt Disney World Resort solo, it is an opportunity for you to have the best trip you’ve ever had. We hope that if you are presented with the ‘go solo or don’t go at all’ conundrum, you will make the decision to go solo.

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