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The Many Ways to Celebrate Mom

Photo by Omar Lopez on Unsplash

It’s Mother’s Day weekend; the perfect time to show your mother, or the mother of your children, how much they are appreciated. As a mother, wherever you are, this day is special. It makes you reflect on what most consider their most significant achievement in life bringing all the contentment you need. That is until you start seeing the surprises Disney has in store for Moms within the theme parks.

It all started with this picture when my enjoyment of seeing the many options available to help celebrate Moms during your stay at the Disney Parks began twitching into a small pang of jealousy.

japanese cheesecake morimoto

As I read about Morimoto Asia offering a Japanese Cheesecake Soufflé, my eyes started to turn a slightly deeper shade of green. Before long there was more news of vanilla, red velvet, dark chocolate, and salty caramel cupcakes available from Sprinkles in both Downtown Disney in Disneyland and Disney Springs in Walt Disney World.


Soon after it became clear that it didn’t matter where you were staying, Beach Club, Yacht Club, Wilderness Lodge, the Grand Floridian, there are so many Mother’s Day unique experiences available. Even in Disneyland, the parks and resorts will be pumping with maternal love on Sunday with special occasion offerings from The Disneyland Hotel, The Grand Californian, Paradise Pier Hotel as well as in-park offerings available at Cafe Orleans and The Blue Bayou.

How will I cope with not seeing any of these amazing options for myself? The answer is that I will need you all to partake in these wonderful sounding activities on my behalf and allow me to live vicariously through your experiences. Let’s start with my Disneyland pick, the Classic Afternoon Tea at the Disneyland Hotel. Who doesn’t love an afternoon tea? Some of you are going to need to track that down and report back.

If you are spending your weekend at Walt Disney World, my pick would be the pre-fixe dinner at Cítricos featuring California Jumbo Asparagus with Morel Sauce, Australian Rack of Lamb with Panissa, Ratatouille, Provençal, Lamb Jus, and Dessert.

Grand Floridian Dining Restaurants

It’s easy to take the ones we love for granted, especially Moms as a lot of the work they do for the family can take place behind the scenes. You might eat the dinner they made each night, but you don’t see the planning, the trip to the market for ingredients, the time management and the effort that goes into making sure that food is on the table each evening. It’s a big job, and if the Mom in your party does her best to love you, it’s essential to take the time out to celebrate how lucky you are to have her.

But what else can you do to honor the Moms in your family if you don’t have a dining reservation or she isn’t big on celebrating with food? Oh, walk this way friends.

  • Use your time waiting in attraction lines to tell her how you feel. Take turns telling Mom all the things you love about her and the reasons why she makes your life so special. We think them a lot but when was the last time you made sure she knew?
  • Agree with the kids to curb the daily fighting and complaining. Give her a full 24 hours free from the whining and unnecessary stress. This ban includes, but not limited to the following phrases: “he farted”, “she touched me”, “he’s pretending to touch me”, “she called me a name”, “he put his foot in my face”, “she licked me”, “no I didn’t”, “yes you did”, “you’re an idiot”, “no you’re an idiot”. Etc.
  • Carry the backpack. Some Moms end up carrying all the supplies, pushing the stroller or carrying children. Give her a break and make sure she has free hands for the day to enjoy whatever you have on the agenda.
  • Have a picnic. I mentioned this one for Valentine’s Day as well but if you are spending your Sunday as a resort day, avoid the crowded restaurants and plan something a little bit different. Let Mom sleep in while everyone else sneaks out to gather up all of her favorite things ready for a picnic brunch. Between quick service food options and store-bought snacks or treats, you can pull together a reasonably clever collection of Mom’s favorite Disney specialties.
  • Buy her something special. Has the woman in your family had her eye on something in a store but never managed to buy it; always prioritizing the needs of the family ahead of that Spirit Jersey or fancy Disney Dress? Now is the time to take her shopping. Instead of planning an expensive evening take her to buy that one thing she has always wanted but never brought home.
  • Tick off all her favorite attractions. Even if everyone else finds them boring or maybe too adventurous, make sure Mom gets to have time for the things she loves. Perhaps she would love everyone to take a ride on the Living with the Land attraction in Epcot, or maybe she would like to hit the single-rider line of Expedition Everest in Animal Kingdom ten times in a row while you take any little ones for a bribery snack of patience. Whatever makes her happy, go out of your way to make it happen today.

Photo by Rodolfo Marques on Unsplash

What can you do if you are missing your Mom on Mother’s Day? Love the one you’re with.

Not all of us are able to spend the day with a special Mom. Maybe you are missing someone who has passed on, there isn’t a mother figure in your life for whatever reason, or you may just live miles away from the one you do have.

Being a mother, in my humble opinion, is a state of mind. It is a love so strong that it can’t be broken by distance or circumstance. It’s a love that grows and evolves as time goes on. You may have found this love in an unconventional place, maybe another elder in your life or in the partner you have now.

Wherever you have found it or been lucky enough to give it, celebrate that connection on Sunday. Take a moment to appreciate the Mom(s) or the Dad(s), or grandparents that raised you and held your hand in the darkest of times. Find that love and acknowledge it.

Photo by Kevin Delvecchio on Unsplash

Enough about you, back to what I need.

I need someone to try that Japanese Cheesecake Soufflé and I may need you to lie to me if it is really good. If you try it and it’s just ok, I can handle that. But if it is mind-blowingly fantastic, I might need you to tell me it was disgusting just to spare my feelings.

Up for a challenge? It’s time to go on a treat hunt. Find the incredible looking dessert below and let me know where you found it, what it is and if it tastes half as amazing as it looks. You can leave your answer here or tag me on Instagram on @askzoewood.


Happy Mother’s Day to all!


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