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Should Disney Adapt Their Live Action Films into Animation?

The idea of adapting their beloved animated films into live action dawned on Disney back in 2010. Here we are 7 years later, and they haven’t shown any signs of slowing down, with more than 10 adaptations currently in the works. So, as Disney keeps making these films, most of which have lead to box office and critical success, it sparked an idea in my head. What if Disney started adapting their live action films into animated films?

There are 2 film franchises in particular that I think could really work as animated films. Firstly, Disney’s billion dollar film series known as Pirates of the Caribbean. As the movies are based off the classic Disney parks attraction by the same name, an animated film could definitely appeal to the younger generation and capitalize on what I believe to be a missed merchandise opportunity. If Disney wanted to do this, they could also potentially turn it into a Disney musical using songs from the original attraction along with new ones. The tone of the animated movie I feel would be very fun and similar to other Disney hits such as Moana, which are proven successes. Also, with Pirates of the Caribbean Dead Men Tell No Tales being marketed as “the final adventure”, this turn to animation could be the change Disney is looking for.

The second franchise I thought would be great for an animated adaptation is Tron. Disney tried rebooting the Tron franchise back in 2010, but with no sequel officially in the works yet, maybe it’s time to take another try at rebooting the franchise. Turning it into animation would be a great change, as it would keep the story guidelines of the film, but at the same time alter the tone for a wider audience. Seeing Disney’s world renown animation studio tackle the stunning visuals of Tron would for sure result in a breathtaking film that would definitely intrigue fans. Also, it’s obvious Disney is still interested in the Tron franchise as the Tron Lightcycle Power Run E-ticket attraction is the highest rated ride at Disneyland Shanghai, and they’re building another version of this attraction in Tomorrowland at Walt Disney World set to open before 2021.

I’m not necessarily saying I would want Disney to do this, as I think the current path they’re on at Disney Animation is looking great and is continuing to prosper, so I don’t see any real reason for change. But I did think this would be an interesting topic to discuss as more and more animated films get live action adaptations. Eventually, could it go the other way around?

Image: Disney

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