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Top 5 Trending Restaurants on the DIS

Not everyone realizes that the DIS maintains a pretty extensive database of menus for virtually every quick service, table service and signature restaurant at Walt Disney World.  Since I host the Disney Dining Show, I like to pay attention to what restaurants people are searching for on our site.  Currently, we have an interesting list, especially when you consider that two of the five restaurants below aren’t open yet.


5) Topolino’s Terrace at Disney’s Riviera Resort

The sleeper hit of Disney’s newest resort is unquestionably Topolino’s Terrace at Disney’s Riviera Resort.  The Italian themed restaurant serves a character breakfast in the mornings and a signature dinner in the evenings.  Early reviews (including ours) have been largely glowing.  Food, service, ambiance, and experience – this restaurant has it all.


4) Cinderella’s Royal Table at Disney’s Magic Kingdom

This venerable character dining experience (located within Cinderella Castle at the Magic Kingdom) is a perennial favorite of guests with children who want that special experience with the Disney Princesses. Depending on who you talk to, that experience doesn’t include very good food, but as is the case with many Disney character meals, parents overlook that in exchange for the look on their children’s faces when they come face to face with Cinderella.


3) Be Our Guest Restaurant at Disney’s Magic Kingdom

This restaurant, located in New Fantasyland, became a little less difficult to book once it started charging two-table service credits on the Disney Dining Plan. The menu also shifted from ala carte to prix fixe, which seemed to improve the quality of the food. We gave good reviews to the revised menu, but make no mistake – you’re paying for the ambiance and the location with this restaurant. When you consider that restaurants like California Grill, Citricos, Yachtsman Steakhouse, and Flying Fish are also two table service credits on the DDP, the food served at this restaurant suffers somewhat by comparison.


2) Regal Eagle Smokehouse – The American Adventure Pavilion, Epcot

Our two most searched for restaurants on the DIS currently are both restaurants that haven’t opened yet. At number 2 on our list is the Regal Eagle Smokehouse at The American Adventure pavilion in Epcot.  I am far from the only Disney fan that has wondered aloud why the restaurant at the host pavilion at Epcot served crappy, overpriced burgers. The Regal Eagle Smokehouse aims to correct that. The restaurant will feature a variety of BBQ and smoked foods (Something Disney has shown they can do well over the years).


1) Space 220 – Future World, Epcot

More than 35% of the restaurant searches on the DIS this month have been for Space 220 – the highly anticipated space-themed restaurant. There will be no windows in this restaurant. Instead, guests will be surrounded by large floor to ceiling screens. The screens will make it appear as though you are eating in a restaurant in low-earth orbit. Historically speaking, Disney has a mixed track record of serving good food in highly themed locations (Be Our Guest comes to mind). I will say that I share the enthusiasm and anticipation for both this restaurant and the Regal Eagle Smokehouse.  In fact, I’m very excited about a lot of the changes coming to Epcot.

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