Disney Cruise Line Offers “One-of-a-Kind” Port Adventures in Northern Europe


The Disney Magic is scheduled to return to Northern Europe for the summers of both 2017 and 2018. With that, Disney Cruise Line is offering what they call “one-of-a-kind Port Adventures” that “only Disney can do.”

Walt Tivoli

Tivoli Gardens in Copehagen, Denmark

Experience the inspiration for the Disneyland Park as you walk through Walt’s footsteps during his visit to the gardens in 1950. This behind-the-scenes tour is exclusive to Disney Cruise Line. With attractions such as merry-go-rounds and a 100-year-old roller coaster, Walt Disney began to imagine something magical.

Leia Necklace

Princess Leia’s Necklace Designer in Helsinki, Finland

New in 2017, Disney Cruise Line offers the unique experience of meeting the designer of the throne room necklace worn by Princess Leia in the final scene of Star Wars: Episode IV A New Hope. Guests will also be able to admire other works by artist, sculptor, and jewelry designer Björn Weckström. Guests will be greeted by the artist himself in his private residence.

Catherine Palace

Catherine Palace in St. Petersburg, Russia

Disney Cruise Line guests can visit Catherine Palace during the Disney Magic’s visit to St. Petersburg. A live orchestra and dances with royal courtiers are among the offerings during the gala and regal festivities. The ornate architecture features gilded walls, period artwork, and hand-painted ceilings. Guests will be immersed in 18th century Russian palace life.

Source/Photos: Disney Parks Blog

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