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How to Make the Most of Short Vacations at Walt Disney World

Walt Disney World is a very large place. With four theme parks, two water parks, and Disney Springs, there is a lot to do. It is generally accepted that a week at Walt Disney World is the ideal amount of time; however, a week may not be an option for some, maybe because of a budget, schedule, or something else. So, if you are taking a short vacation to Walt Disney World, here is how to make the most of it:

Park Hopper

Park Hopper tickets allow you to visit more than one theme park per day with your ticket. Park Hopping is an additional cost, but is well worth it. For example, you can go to the Magic Kingdom during the day, then go to Epcot at night for dinner and IllumiNations. You could also do half a day in Disney’s Hollywood Studios and then the other half in Disney’s Animal Kingdom. You could even visit all four Walt Disney World theme parks in one day. For vacations of any length, Park Hopper is worth the extra cost.


Disney provides many different types of free transportation for those staying on Disney property. These transportation types include buses, boats, and monorails. Disney Transport is incredibly convenient and can save you the cost of having to get a taxi or rent a car. However, Disney Transport can take a long time. In your planning, be sure to allow at least 30 minutes extra, if you plan to use Disney Transport. If your vacation is very short, then you may want to consider getting a taxi or using Uber.


If your vacation is short, you can use your time most wisely by staying on Disney property. This is generally more expensive, but you will be sleeping far closer to the theme parks than you would be off property. As mentioned above, you are also provided free transportation. Staying off property is still an option for short vacations, but you may want to rent a car and not rely on your hotel’s shuttle service, as they tend to be far slower than Disney’s.


FastPass+ is a free service provided to all guests. FastPass+ allows guests to create a reservation for a time they want to ride a specific attraction. If you are staying on property, you can make your reservation up to 60 days in advance. If you are staying off property, you can make your reservation up to 30 days in advance. You can reserve up to three attractions per day, ahead of time. After you have experienced those three attractions, you can reserve more, within the park. FastPass+ could save you from waiting a couple hours, in various different lines.

Don’t Try to Do It All

On short vacations, Walt Disney World is simply too large to experience everything. You will ruin your trip if you rush yourself. Take your time, enjoy the atmosphere, and have fun. No matter the length of your trip, you will never regret it. Have fun!


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