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The Stories of Epcot: What to Watch While You Wait

The Stories of Epcot: What to Watch While You Wait Screen Shot 2019-02-05 at 9.50.31 pm

You’ve booked your vacation and now comes the tough part, waiting for it to be time to leave. In this series, we have been running through some of the potential features for a few family movie nights while you wait.

So far we have covered Disneyland Park, Disney California Adventure, Walt Disney World’s Animal Kingdom and Walt Disney World’s Hollywood Studios. Today we are adding Epcot to the mix with a few movies you can dig out of the old Disney collection to lessen the waiting and get your traveling family ready for Disney action.


Attraction: Frozen Ever After Location: Norway Pavilion Movie: Frozen Rating: G

You know it, you loved it, you’ve moved on to cringing at the sound of it. It’s time to let it go because if you have younger children, Frozen Ever After in the Norway Pavilion is sure to be on the agenda. Anna and Elsa have taken over World Showcase for one of the most crowd-attracting rides currently in Epcot. Give your family the chance to immerse themselves in all things Frozen before your visit; it may be a good time to break out those new headphones Grandma bought the kids for Christmas to keep the music in their heads and out of yours.

The Stories of Epcot: What to Watch While You Wait Frozen Frozen

Phineas & Ferb 

Attraction: Agent P’s World Showcase Adventure Location: World Showcase TV Show: Phineas & Ferb  Rating: G

This mystery game for children and families is centered around the Disney Channel hit series Phineas and Ferb, featuring everyone’s favorite platypus spy, Agent P. Catch up on the shenanigans of the show before bringing your family to the World Showcase attraction to locate top-secret devices around World Showcase.

The show itself can be quite entertaining, though the pointiness of their faces will start to make you question the universe after too many episodes.

The Stories of Epcot: What to Watch While You Wait AgentP AgentP

Finding Nemo

Attraction: The Seas with Nemo and Friends / Turtle Talk with Crush Location:  Future World Movie: Finding Nemo / Finding Dory Rating: G

Just keep swimming, just keep swimming — it’s become the mantra for many of us in our dark times when all we want to do is give up. The Seas with Nemo and Friends is a breakdown of the events from the movie, so now is the perfect time to brush up on your directions to 42 Wallaby Way, Sydney — an address which I am sad to tell you as a Sydney-sider does not actually exist. Personally, I struggle with the trauma depicted in the opening scenes of Finding Nemo, so I am adding in Finding Dory as well for prosperity. Also, Hank is downright hilarious, and you won’t be sorry.

The Stories of Epcot: What to Watch While You Wait TheSeas TheSeas


Mary Poppins

Attraction: Mary Poppins Meet & Greet Location:  United Kingdom Pavilion Movie: Mary Poppins / Mary Poppins Returns  Rating: G

We all love a classic, especially when it has been followed up with another smash hit sequel (not a remake) more than 50 years later. The UK pavilion may be a good opportunity for your family to have their own brush with the streets of London recounting scenes from English-based favorites such as Peter Pan or the Mary Poppins movies of 1965 and 2018.

The Stories of Epcot: What to Watch While You Wait Mary-Poppins-Returns Mary-Poppins-Returns

Image Credit: Disney


Attraction: Mexico Pavillion / New Coco-Inspired Show  Location:  Mexico Pavilion Movie: Coco Rating: G

Even though Coco has not been officially introduced as a headlining attraction in the Mexico Pavilion, it will help your children to connect with the tradition and atmosphere of this portion of World Showcase. They may even feel some connection with the architecture or the decor in some of the areas. Coco is a beautiful movie offering a glimpse of the color and wonder that the Mexican culture has to offer. The imagery and the storyline…I’m not crying, you’re crying, damn it.

Be sure to be on the lookout for the new Coco-inspired show that is set to bring the music and essence of the movie to life.

The Stories of Epcot: What to Watch While You Wait mexico mexico

Futuristic Movies to Review

If you are headed to Epcot with a love for the future in mind, check out these futuristic Disney releases:

  • Tomorrowland, Rating: PG
  • A Wrinkle In Time, Rating: PG

Upcoming Additions to Prepare For

Epcot is headed for a few big changes in the next few years with the introduction of a downsized version of Disneyland Paris’s Ratatouille attraction and the introduction of the Marvel franchise to the list of E-ticket attractions that will call Epcot home. If you are planning a trip to Epcot between 2019 and 2021, here are a few you might want to brush up on before they make their debut in the park.

Beauty and the Beast 

Attraction: Beauty and the Beast Sing-Along Attraction (2019) Location:  France Pavilion Movie: Beauty and the Beast (animation), Beauty and the Beast (live action) Rating: PG

Whatever your thoughts on Beauty and the Beast, let’s all just agree to be grateful this isn’t a Frozen sing-along attraction. The Beauty and the Beast storyline offers two versions; the original animated classic is perfect for the family with little ones and the newer live-action feature film has a beauty and cinematic genius to it to keep your older children and adults entertained.

The Stories of Epcot: What to Watch While You Wait france france


Attraction: Remy’s Ratatouille Adventure (2021) Location: France Pavilion Movie: Ratatouille Rating: G

Only Disney can make a story about a rat in a kitchen that leaves you rooting for the rodent. The great success of the Disneyland Paris attraction has finally pressured the Walt Disney World powers-that-be to bring a version of the ride across the pond.  The new addition is set to be an exciting draw for the France Pavilion which is also expecting the arrival of the new Beauty and the Beast Sing-Along.

The Stories of Epcot: What to Watch While You Wait ratatouille2 ratatouille2

Guardians of the Galaxy

Attraction: Unnamed Attraction (2021) Location:  Future World East Movie: Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 1, Guardians of the Galaxy Vol.2  Rating: M

Even if you are not a fan of the movies, between the epic music and the quirky one-liners, it’s not hard to watch from the sidelines. Before you know it you will be shedding a tear, having a laugh and wishing you had your own Rocket and Groot to have at home and hang out with. Who doesn’t want their own Groot? The Marvel franchise is about to hit Epcot with a bang in 2021, introducing the first Guardians of the Galaxy themed ride to the park in what is expected to be a significant upgrade to the current underdog in park popularity. I am Groot.

The Stories of Epcot: What to Watch While You Wait Screen-Shot-2017-07-16-at-6.47.05-AM Screen-Shot-2017-07-16-at-6.47.05-AM

Epcot is different from the other parks in that many of its attractions were built based on a concept of future and technology — sustainability and education rather than the likeness of characters or movies. It’s unique in that way because it can be enjoyed by everyone, including those who may not be massive Disney fans.

Next up we conclude this series with the Stories of the Magic Kingdom. See you then.

Zoë Wood is a travel writer from Sydney, Australia. Since her first visit to Disneyland at the age of 6, she has spent her years frequently visiting Disney Parks and traveling around the world.

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