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Two Trips =0 Dream Come True

Regina Hinrichs

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I recently returned from my second trip to Disney World during the “Year of a Million Dreams” promotion. I’m here to say that my “dream-repellent” was still doing its job. As with my previous trip, the Disney Dream Team was nowhere to be found.


This was a mother/daughter vacation. My “baby” Caitlin is a college senior and we spent her Spring Break at the Beach Club Villas.


There I was with my trusty laptop bringing you the Disney News of the day as I waited for “Sleeping Beauty” to finally wake up each morning. I thought back to all of the trips where the kids would be bouncing on our heads eager to hit the parks. “Extra Magic Morning?” Ha! By the time the day’s wardrobe choice was made, the makeup applied, the hair blown and flat ironed, it was looking doubtful that we would make “Extra Magic Evenings.”


By some miracle, we did leave the room before Noon each day. There we were, looking with envy at all of those “Magical” lanyards with Fast Pass tabs. Hmm…I wonder if hitting the parks before sundown is the secret to getting those coveted prizes. If that’s the criteria, we’re in trouble.


Caitlin’s last trip to Disney World was a year ago and there were a few new attractions she hadn’t seen. We went on the Clam Mobiles at “The Seas with Nemo and Friends”, she saw Turtle Talk for the first time and I made sure we went to “Finding Nemo – The Musical.” Cait never saw the Extreme Stunt Show so that was also on our “must do” list.  We both wanted to see the Captain Jack look-alike at the Pirate Tutorial. She loved it all.


We watched the latest Magic Kingdom Parade from a distance while sipping on frozen lemonades. She and a Florida buddy went to the final Pirate and Princess Party. She may not have gotten those Fast Pass lanyards, but she got beads and better yet, chocolate.


While passing through a very empty Innoventions, I spotted the exhibit where you make your own robot. We teamed up, jumping and hopping our way through the virtual race (my apologies if you got the rear view of me) followed by creating our personal plastic purple and green thingamabob.


We hit all of our favorites, and laughed at the silly memories so many of them brought to mind. “Hey Mom, remember when Germany had all of those little plastic figures that Steve would collect? Why, YE$ I do. And remember how Lauren would always get the latest Minnie Mouse toys? YE$$, she did. And do you remember when you and Dad got all of us lanyards so we could pin trade? YE$$$$$$$$$, I certainly do recall that.”  


Along our travels we joked about the ever elusive Dream Team. We applauded during the parade when they announced the Grand Marshals of the day as well as the lucky family who won the night in the Castle. Still, no sightings of who bestowed these precious prizes.  


You know what? It didn’t matter. I had the ultimate “dream come true” right beside me. One thing that’s inevitable, that little kid who clutched a Mickey Bar with one hand while holding yours with the other is going to grow up. Mickey Ears are replaced by Mortarboards. With that comes a new path to be followed and family vacations become next to impossible to schedule.


There’s so much “magic” to be had on each and every visit to Disney World. While the “Year of a Million Dreams” is a great promotion, you don’t need a visit by the “Dream Team” to make it special. Just let yourself become a kid again, capture the smiles and have fun!  With any luck, 19 years later that little 3 year old will be asking you to go on her Spring break. There’s no better prize to be had.


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