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    Snow White's Scary Adventures

    This ride closed permanently May 31, 2012.  The space will become a new princess meet-and-greet location for New Fantasyland.  Snow White's story will now be told at the Seven Dwarf's Mine Train, a new ride featuring vehicles that swing back and forth.

    Opened: 1971 - Closed 5/31/12

    Ride length: 2 minutes 25 seconds


    Snow White's Scary Adventure may lull you into thinking it's okay for the pre-school set.

    The fear factor kicks in from the start when you see Snow White's stepmother become the Wicked Witch. That means your little one may very well keep his/her eyes jammed shut for the rest of the ride.


    You go through the dark and spooky woods, you see the Dwarf's and their cottage, the witch gets what's coming to her (YAY!!), and in the end Snow White's prince saves the day. It's very low tech and there's rarely a wait.

    Snow White's Scary Adventures


    Fastpass: No

    Handicapped accessibility: Guest must be able to transfer from their chairs in order to ride.


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    Fun Fact: The character of Snow White did not actually appear in this attraction until 1994.  She was added in an effort to tone down the scare factor.

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    Snow White's Scary Adventures

    Snow White's Scary Adventures

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