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    Enchanted Forest

    Under the Sea: Journey of the Little Mermaid – Ariel and her friends take guests along on all their adventures – both under the sea and above! 

    Journey of the Little Mermaid

    The Beast's castle stands up on a hill above the village.  Inside, the Be Our Guest Restaurant is counter service during the day, and table service at night.  French-inspired fare is served, keeping with the "Beauty and the Beast" theme. The restaurant's three dining rooms serve 550 guests in three dining rooms - the elegant ballroom setting of the mysterious West Wing of the Beast's castle, the Rose Gallery featuring a life-size music box of Belle and Beast (only open at lunch), and a beautiful ballroom with chandeliers and the views of snow falling outside the windows.

    Belle’s Village

    Guests can visit Gaston’s Tavern, created to look like the tavern from “Beauty and the Beast” for snacks and drinks.  Items on the menu include a Roasted Pork Shank, Warm Cinnamon Roll, Chocolate Croissant, Mixed Fruit Cup, Sliced Apples with Caramel Sauce, Mixed Vegetable Cup with Dip and Hummus and Chips.  Various soft drinks, juice, milk and water are available.  The restaurant's signature drink is LeFou's Brew, a blend of frozen apple juice with a hint of toasted marshmallow, topped with all-natural passion fruit-mango foam in a souvenir goblet.

    Gaston's Tavern

    Bonjour! Village Gifts sells items inspired by Beauty and the Beast, such as gargoyle goblets, dinnerware from "Be Our Guest" restaurant, Belle shirts for women and girls, home decor, and costume accessories.

    Step outside of the village and you will see Belle’s cottage. Enchanted Tales with Belle is an interactive character meet-and-greet location.  Guests start in Maurice’s workshop, then they step through a magical mirror straight into the Beast’s library, where they will meet Belle and Lumiere and experience an interactive fairytale.

    Enchanted Tales with Belle

    Enchanted Tales with Belle

    The Royal Majesty Makers are one of the entertainment groups in Fantasyland. The members of the group are "royal consultants," teaching children the skills to become princes and princesses.  Retired knight Sir Sterling, royal etiquette teacher Lady Llewellyn, squire Tobias and lady-in-waiting Bridget will conduct Knight School, deliver invites to the ball, lead dances and play games.



    In Princess Fairytale Hall, Cinderella and the other Disney princesses greet their guests. This meet and greet area is located in the center of Fantasyland and offers two separate meet and greet experiences.  Guests can choose from Cinderella or Rapunzel. Each will have one other princess with her, but most of the time, you won't know who it is until you get into the room. Stone walls, stained glass windows and high ceilings complete the Castle Courtyard look. Guests enter the queue in a large space filled with the Princesses' portraits before splitting off to individual meeting rooms with the Princesses.

    The Seven Dwarfs Mine Train attraction is the updated story of Snow White, told using animated figures and music from the film. The family-friendly coaster takes guests on a musical journey into the dwarfs’ diamond mine, on a train with a new ride system – cars rock back and forth just like real mine cars, so guests will feel every twist and turn in the track.  The cars are designed to look like the dwarfs hand-carved them out of wood with an ax.

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