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Tell us your Park Peeves - 7/25/2006

A Park Peeve is our take on a Pet Peeve in a Disney Park.

Disney World, “the Happiest Place on Earth.” Look, there’s Mickey, look, there’s Minnie, look ‘HOLY COW, did I just see what I think I saw?’”

This is your chance to “sound off” when you’ve seen or been a part of a not so magical moment. We’re looking for those times when you scratched your head in disbelief and chose to bite your tongue. Here’s your opportunity to say what you really wanted to at the time.  

There are some rules: No racial or ethnic insults and no naming names. That would be bad. No swearing either; that DIS rule still goes. Sarcasm? Guess what, you have a green light.  No, it’s not a typo, you can use sarcasm, just be sure it’s not so mean spirited that we have to reject your submission.

So go ahead and get it off your chest. We have our Mouse ears on and are eagerly waiting to hear your tale. If you wish to remain anonymous, let us know.

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Sound Off!

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    from this week's Sound Off.

    Great show! I agree with the peeves you mentioned.

    "My wife injured her foot at Epcot and we spent the remaining days of our trip pushing her around the park in a wheelchair. I have two other peeves. People who don’t need wheelchairs or carts but rent them just to get special treatment at the parks and people who stop half way down the theater isles when the cast members are asking us to continue moving down the row
    Mike in Kennesaw"

    "I just wanted to let you know of the last time we were at "Wishes" at the Magic Kingdom.  We always save the Wishes as our last firework show to see as we became engaged during it.  Everything was going great but just as the show was about to start, a group of guys came and stood in front of us.  We thought nothing of it and didn't care until one of the Security Guards working for Disney came up to the group of guys and placed his hand upon one of the guys butts.  I could have understood if he was just doing it as a joke, but it was like this for the whole Wishes show.  I personally don't care who or what he likes, but when he is working I feel that there should be some sort of conduct that they have to follow.  Needless to say, I reported it to City Hall but they said that there was nothing that they could do because there are thousands of security guards at Disney.  Although that put a hamper on the "Wishes," it still didn't ruin our vacation.  I just hope it didn't ruin anyone else's that was there.  
    Jordan Hipsher
    Orange Park, FL "

    "Since Shades of Green upped their prices you now have captive parking. They have no where you can park without paying extra for the privilege. The worst thing is they give no breaks for handicapped people. I was told to self park in another resort area and take a shuttle. Is this some way to make up for the lower resort price break they give military personnel?
    Harold "

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