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Sound Off - Monday, 9/4/06
How much is too much - Part 2

A few weeks ago, we asked you “How much is too much” – the question asked as it relates to the recent increase in Disney ticket prices.  This week, we ask the same question again – how much is too much – but not about ticket prices – but rather your personal information.  It was recently announced that Disney would be capturing guests fingerprints as they enter the theme parks, in an effort to cut down on fraud (or at least that’s the reason Disney gives).  Given that guests already have to provide (depending on which of their products your buying) names, addresses and dates of birth in order to book a reservation, do you think Disney is crossed a line? How much information does Disney really need?  Do you think this is an affront to your civil liberties, or just a sign of the times. 

We have our Mouse ears on and are eagerly waiting to hear from you. If you wish to remain anonymous, let us know.

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