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Tell us your favorite out-of-the-way spots at the Disney Theme Parks.

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My favorite out of the way place in Walt Disney World isn't too "out of the way" but it sure is peaceful and a welcome respite from the hot Florida Sun. My spot is located inside the Mexico Pavilion at Epcot. After entering the main courtyard, to the right of the stairs you walk down into the Marketplace is a bench. This bench provides a nice view of the hustle and bustle of the Mexican Pavilion. It is nice to watch the shoppers and gaze up at the peaceful (albeit false) night sky. What really makes this bench something special it is in the direct line of the Most Powerful air conditioning vent in WDW (in my opinion). The cool air blasts you as you relax, listen the to ambient noise of the pavilion and get recharged for what great adventure you want to take on next.    That is my favorite out of the way spot in Walt Disney World!

Shawn OKeefe-  Buffalo NY

BTW -- Guys I LOVE the roundtable discussions the are wonderful and your information is far more in depth than any other podcast out there DO NOT ABANDON THE CONCEPT. The roundtables have been great and look forward to the next one.

Actually, we have several favorites.

In Epcot's World Showcase we pick up a snack at the Boulangerie in France then take a  walk through the alley beside the perfume shop across the way. There is a garden there we we have met Princess Aurelia (sleeping beauty) and Belle (Beauty and the Beast).

There is a waterfall in back of the Totem poles in Canada on the way to the O Canada movie. A lot of people skip the movie so they don't go back there to explore.

In MK we like to walk from the Toon town train station to Tomorrowland along a path in back of the rides. We usually have the area to ourselves instead of fighting the crowds in Toon town.
We enjoy going to the campfire sing along at Fort Wilderness campground and making smores

The little movie theatre in the back of the film store next to Tony's on Main St in MK is fun and always seems to be empty.
In Animal Kingdom the trail with the Tigers in Asia is cool.
At MGM we like to go to the artists studio and create a sketch and see the art work.

Have a magical day!



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