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What Disney ride, show or attraction do you think would make a good film? and who should star in it? Monday, 9/25/06

Another one of Disney's popular attrations will be heading to the big screen , the Jungle Cruise. (news story)

We would like to ask what Disney ride, show or attraction do you think would make a good film? Who should star in it and why?

We have our Mouse ears on and are eagerly waiting to hear from you. If you wish to remain anonymous, let us know.

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    Okay, my first thought went to Expedition Everest or Rock N Roller Coaster, but then realized I was too chicken to ever ride those, so I don't know what the story would be about. Then as a mom, I thought a nice family movie could be made about the search for Little Red from the Kilimanjaro Safari. If it was a live movie, it would have beautiful cinematography and could enlighten people about the poaching for the ivory tusks. If it is an animated film, I would love to hear James Earl Jones as one of the voices. I would also love to hear the actor who portrays Warden Wilson Matua in this movie.
    -- Dyan
    Miami, Fl

    Expedition Everest This would make a great film. A junior ice hockey team, on their way to the play-offs have to go by plane as the roads are impassable due to heavy snow. The plane develops structural failure and splits into two. The adults and pilots are in the front section and they glide to the bottom of Everest but the children's half is stranded in a valley on Everest, miles away from civilisation. Nobody is killed but they all need to pull together using their skills to get off the mountain and avoid the Yeti and other creatures. An expedition is mounted to rescue the children and bring them safely home. I see this film as fun and not serious. Adult star - leader of the expedition: Vin Diesel (funny, tough and serious), with Meg Ryan tagging along as an anxious mother (dippy, but kind and fun). Child star: Max Thieriot (The Pacifier. would make a great leader in a crisis
    -- Tina
    Berkshire, UK

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