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How Much is Too Much?
Monday, 8/07/06

They did it again. For the second time this year, Disney increased the price of their tickets. If you just returned from Disney World, would you have been willing to pay more? Was it priced right or was it already overpriced?  Will this increase make you reconsider postponing or shortening your next trip?

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    We expect Disney's prices to go up every year. Many of us plan ahead for that, thus, if we have a trip scheduled for 2007, we purchase the tickets in 2006. This move was not only unexpected but they did it with very little warning. I check the Disney boards a few time per week and read about it only days before the increase. Since they raised their prices from 2005 to 2006 by a decent margin, I did not expect the increase to be as substantial-it was! Not to mention they also increased the resorts and decreased the number of restaurants participating in the meal plan by a rather large amount.
    Disney attendance has been increasing and obviously they feel that they can get these prices. I only hope that they do not increase them again in January!

    Mini Sorcerer's Mom
    Hopewell junction, NY

    It seems,  at least in my neck of the woods,  that the recent increase in Disney prices have caused a bit of a stir.  I have been amused over the past few days because some people (those not so enamored by the house of mouse) have been all to eager to tell me that the prices at Disney went up...AGAIN!!  As if this news is going to have some cataclysmic effect on my very existence.  Shocking news to me??  I say no,  not really.  What can you expect in a world where gas prices are over 3 dollars a gallon and probably rising again in the near future.  My electric bill was enough to send me into convulsions when I opened that recently.  For what it costs to buy a gallon of milk,  it may be cheaper to buy the cow.  Funny though,  how nobody seems to want to talk about those things to me.  The question that comes up is almost inevitable I suppose...Will you still go if the prices go up anymore??  Of course I will,  and in my opinion so won't everyone else who wants to.  For me the price increases may mean going in value season in the future,  or it may cause me to reconsider the level of accomodations that I normally frequent,  but it will never truly stop me from going one way or another.  You can't put a price tag on the smiles it puts on my kids faces and at least for now that is enough of a reason to pay a little bit extra.

    Kerry M

    I think the rise in ticket prices is fair. My opinion is probably not the most popular, but it is what I believe. I recently heard that each Fantasmic show costs $20,000 to run. That is a huge expense for that one show. Epcot has Illumnations and MK has Wishes. These fireworks could not possibly be cheap to show every night. Disney must keep up with inflation on the costs of running the park and pass it along to guests. I feel that for a 10 day pass it is still very good value for my money. Where else can I have constant entertainment for 10 days, that is family friendly and in a safe environment for this money? No where! I feel safe at Disney and it is a family friendly vacation. I am willing to pay for that. If Disney did some cut backs, like taking away the fireworks every night, people would be screaming. If you want it, you have to pay for it. I didn't scream at my local grocery when bread has recently gone up from 1.29/loaf to 1.49/loaf. I want bread, I pay the price. If Disney isn't making money, they will stop adding new attractions (Like Everest), and people will scream because nothing new is added.


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